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The iPad Is Becoming A Temptation For Music Producers



When the iPad was launched, back in 2010, many critics dismissed it as “just a big iPhone” (or “just a big iPod touch”, to be more precise). They speculated that no one would be able to come up with a compelling reason to buy one – a touchscreen device is fine for your pocket, it was argued, but if you want to do any serious creative work, you need a laptop or desktop computer.
Jump forward four years and the doubters have been silenced. Sure, an iPad is still a luxury for many people (albeit one that you quickly wonder how you ever did without), but if you’re a music maker, it’s fast becoming a temptation that’s impossible to resist.
Unlike pretty much every other tablet on the market, the iPad is a tool that you can use to create rather than simply consume music, and with far greater ease than you can on Apple’s smaller touchscreen devices.
This is largely thanks to Apple’s iOS operating system, which has several unique features built into it that put it streets ahead of its competitors when it comes to music production.
If you have an iPad and the right software, recording and editing multiple tracks of high-quality audio is easy, while the App Store is also full of synths and other software instruments that rival their desktop counterparts in terms of quality and ease of use.
What’s more, while it was previously only possible to use these apps in isolation, new technologies are enabling you to bring them together in the same project!

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