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The Keymakers Just Dropped “Flipside” As Their Second Single



The Keymakers Just Dropped "Flipside" As Their Second Single
Following the success of their debut release “Good For You” back in September, The Keymakers now return to deliver their second single “Flipside”. Having already amassed over 300k plays on Spotify in just their first two months with “Good For You’, the two brothers who live together in Boston hope to build upon these early successes with their new release.


“Flipside” is a track that actually came together pretty quickly for us,” said Rederic. The duo created the song from different cities about a week before meeting up in Toronto for some studio time. “I know Flipside is kind of a dated term”, said Rome, “but as soon as Rederic sent me the beat and I heard that word in my head, I knew that’s what we were going to call the song”. The track is about cutting ties with that person who tries to come crawling back into the fold after turning their back on you. Looking back at his writing process, Rome remembers “I think everyone knows some people who kind of fade away when things aren’t looking so hot and then come out of the woodwork when things are going well. This is about breaking free from that person who is only there for all the wrong reasons.”

The new single also features the first verse yet of Rederic rapping. “On my way to the studio, I had a 9-hour drive from school to Toronto. I played the beat over and over again on my phone, thinking of different lines and flows in my head until I finally decided to start writing them down.” Rederic wasn’t sure he was going to include the verse in the final version of the song, but Rome, who had never even heard him rap before, was blown away by it. “Flipside represents somewhat of a different element for us, introducing the rap component,” Rome said. “And that’s what we want to do,” added Rederic. “With this song, it’s a rap. With our third song, it might be something entirely different. We want to keep our listeners on their toes and keep changing up what we bring–that’s what keeps it fun.”

Following the release of Flipside, The Keymakers are planning a stream of new releases in 2018 in addition to a performance tour. “We can’t wait to keep the momentum going into the new year, and have some collaborations with amazing artists that we’re really excited about,” said Rome. “Then getting out there and playing these songs for our fans–that’s where the fun really starts.”



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