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The Librarian Has Unveiled New Double-Single, “Impulse”/ “Vengeance”



The Librarian
Andrea Graham aka The Librarian is teasing her upcoming ‘miss u’ EP with a double-single release. Discover two modern electronic tracks that meld bass and breakbeat elements into some splendid crossover appeal.

The co-founder and curator of Bass Coast Festival ends her two-year absence from the music scene and brings you “Impulse” and “Vengeance.”

Put on your dancing shoes as both of them capture her trademark energetic formula!

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Besides, if you’re itching to get in the party mood, The Librarian crafts a euphoric spacey atmosphere through melodic textures on “Impulse.” On the other hand, choppy drum sequences and broken beats contribute to building “Vengeance” peaks and troughs.

Of course, this latter reflects fresh Jungle vibes, bleeps, and ravey goodness. Either way, the new double-single will create great moments at clubs or festivals.

Needless to say, the cluster of sound effects throughout each cut overloads the brain before returning you back to reality.

Electro Wow will definitely keep an eye on her for the next project. I really hope you enjoy the preamble to the ‘miss u’ EP, which is coming your way in Spring 2022.

Stay tuned.



By Erick Ycaza

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