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The Mastermind Project On His First Hard-Hitting EP — Interview



The Mastermind Project
Immerse yourself in the creative process of The Mastermind Project with his debut EP, ‘The Master In Mind. Explore everything about enigmatic hard-hitting tunes through this interview. And, if you’re a sucker for pounding basses you won’t want to miss this conversation!

1 — Let’s start by talking about your EP, ‘The Master In Mind.’ What was the origin behind its title?

From the mastery of consciousness in combination with inner intuition, music is born, isn’t it? That’s the reason.

2 — How would you describe the overall sound of the EP?

Deep kicks combined with high melodies put together a magical formula that makes the overall concept seem very round. My sound is very straightforward and tight but also contains quiet, uplifting passages.

3 — Is there any particular track on this material that holds special significance for you?

It’s the first album that I released, of course, every single track has a certain meaning for me. Simply in the sense that a lot of time, a lot of heart and soul, and a lot of creativity have gone into my work.

4 — Your music features deep basses and high melodies. How do these elements were produced?

I produce the melodies mainly with Spire. A synthesizer that is perfectly suited for my purposes. The bass also comes partly from Spire, and partly from other synthesizers. For the kick I refine standard kicks according to my ideas, to make them longer and to get more pressure.

The Master In Mind EP
5 — What aspects of your production skills do you feel have evolved or improved while working on ‘The Master In Mind’?

I had a little trouble with the drums at first because I didn’t want them to be dull and I wanted to give them their own character in terms of the rhythm. I think I managed that quite well. My technique of giving the music a running flow has definitely gotten better.

6 — If you were to translate the atmosphere and emotions of your EP into a movie, what would come to your mind?

A film in which movements are implemented with the flow of sounds, creating magical lights and shapes.

7 — You refer to music as “magic” and sound as “creation.” Could you share more about your philosophical views?

As it is proved today, our universe consists of sound, i.e. of vibrations and frequency. Music is exactly that. Music creates a certain mood that causes an effect on people, depending on how music is designed. This is what I would call magic, especially because music can put people into a trance.

The Mastermind Project hard-hitting music
8 — With two years of experience in your home studio, are there any unexplored musical territories you’re eager to venture into?

Absolutely. My next album will be much more creative and I will work much more with vocals than in the current album. This should and will add to the magic of my music.

9 — Is the CD series of the Tunnel Club’s “DJ Networx” a constant source of inspiration for you?

In any case, it continues to be the kind of music I like to listen to. Therefore, I would already call the sound a continuing inspiration. But I think that now my own imagination plays more in the future, as inspiration from the outside.

10 — In what way does The Mastermind Project showcase a unique approach to music that differs from other artists?

By reviving the sound of the 2000s in a way, combined with fresh influences from today. I try very hard to work out every single sound individually and to put everything together to a complete composition. In addition, I am only satisfied with the result when I get goosebumps from it myself. No goosebumps, no release.



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