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The New Chick on the EDM Block Is Pretty Gritty



Jess E Wall ‘Pretty Gritty’ EP Review

All songs produced by Oba Frank Lords except the Danny G and Giuseppe D Remix.

Written by Michael M and Oba Frank Lords.

A & R – Michael M.

Executive Producer- Saul Alvarez.


Check out our track-by-track review:

1. Dominatrix Sleeps Tonite (Extended Mix)  Rework on the 80s classic. Can barely recognize it as she made it her own. A taste of Erotica with cojones.

2. Wanna Dance Tonite Written by Jess herself. This track got her signed. Who can resist her invitation to dance.

3. Did Ya Know Rocktronica at it’s best. Written by Michael M and Oba Frank Lords. This track will have all the girls wondering ” do they know”.

4. Pretty Gritty She’s got a roar just like a lion, but soft and cute just like a kitty. The lyrics pretty much embody who Jess E Wall is ferocious and girlie too.

5. Wanna Dance Tonite  (Danny G Klub Remix)  Danny G turns this already hot track into a scorcher. EDM lovers will love it.

6. Did Ya Know (Giuseppe D Remix) Unexpected mix by GD.

7. Dominatrix Sleeps Tonite (Oba in the 80s Mix) A fresh breakbeat mix with a 80s vibe.

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