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The Palm Beach Brand



The Palm Beach BrandBegan when a Maine-based textile company created a cotton/mohair blend cloth. Realizing they had a unique fabric that was light and comfortable for warm weather, they sold it to manufacturers of tailored clothing. By 1931, they had set up their own clothing company and called it Palm Beach. The suits became an immediate sensation, and by the late 1930s, Palm Beach became the suit Wall Street stockbrokers were famously known to wear in warm weather. Over the years the name grew to connote affluence, class, and prestige.

palm beach fashionToday’s Palm Beach suits, jackets, and trousers transcend seasons with fabrications ranging from summer-weight cotton, seersuckers, and linens to elegant, lightweight wool gabardines– perfect for year-round wear.

palm beach mensfashion

The brand offers a vintage name combined with a modern style that is always fashion correct and available in a quality, comfortable seasonal fabrications. Available directly at Palm Beach.

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palm beach men fashion

By Erick Ycaza

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