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The Vision Of mAdcAt Through Music And Cosplay — Interview




In this exclusive interview, we delve into the visionary world of mAdcAt, exploring the inspiration behind their music and the transformative power of cosplay.

1 — We’d love to learn more about the genesis of mAdcAt. What events or circumstances led to the group’s formation?

We, the members of mAdcAt, met in an Internet chat room, a virtual space where like-minded individuals gathered to discuss their shared passion for electronic dance music (EDM) and all things creative. Baka, Salocin, and Charlie, three talented producers, crossed paths with Chris, the DJ and face of mAdcAt. Each of us brought our unique skills and perspectives to the table.

It was through our shared love for EDM, our hunger to push boundaries, and our desire to create something extraordinary that mAdcAt was born. We felt an instant connection as if our creative energies aligned in perfect harmony. We knew that together, we could forge a new path in the world of music and cosplay, merging our passions and creating a unique experience for our fans.

The circumstances that led to our formation were serendipitous, driven by our mutual desire to challenge conventions and break away from the norm. We saw an opportunity to not only create visionary electronic dance music but also leave a lasting impact on the cosplay community, a world that celebrates individuality and creativity.

And so, mAdcAt was brought to life, a fusion of diverse musical genres ranging from House and Tech House to Progressive House, Electro House, Big Room, Dubstep, and Trap. Our goal was clear: to create a soundscape that would transport cosplayers and their audiences to immersive, fantastical worlds, inspiring them to embrace their uniqueness and express their creativity.

So, in a nutshell, the chance encounter of four passionate individuals in an internet chat room sparked the birth of mAdcAt, a group driven by a shared vision and a determination to leave an indelible mark on the EDM and cosplay communities.

2 — Who are the individuals that form the core of the group?

The core of mAdcAt consists of four talented individuals, each bringing their unique skills and creative flair to the group. Allow me to introduce them:

– Baka (Producer): Baka is one of the producers within mAdcAt. With an exceptional talent for crafting mesmerizing melodies and infectious beats, Baka’s contributions to our music shape the foundation of our sound. Their creative prowess adds depth and complexity to our compositions, making them truly captivating.

– Salocin (Producer): Salocin is another vital producer in mAdcAt. Known for their ability to blend various genres seamlessly, Salocin brings a diverse range of influences to our music. Their innovative approach to production infuses our tracks with fresh and dynamic energy, ensuring that our sound remains ever-evolving.

– Charlie (Producer): Charlie, yet another brilliant producer within mAdcAt, brings a distinctive perspective to our music. With a keen ear for intricate details and an affinity for experimental sounds, Charlie pushes the boundaries of what EDM can be. Their unconventional approach adds a touch of unpredictability and excitement to our tracks.

– Chris (DJ and Producer, THE mAdcAt): Chris is the DJ, producer, and face of mAdcAt. With a commanding stage presence and an innate ability to read the crowd, Chris takes our music to new heights during our live performances. Their seamless mixing and energetic delivery create an electrifying atmosphere, connecting us directly with our fans.

Together, Baka, Salocin, Charlie, and Chris form the core of mAdcAt, a collaborative force that brings together diverse talents, ideas, and influences. It is through our collective synergy and shared passion that we create the unique sound and visual aesthetics that define mAdcAt.

3 — How does mAdcAt’s music serve as a dynamic backdrop for cosplayers to express themselves?

mAdcAt’s music serves as a dynamic backdrop for cosplayers to express themselves in numerous ways. Our music acts as a catalyst, igniting the creative fire within cosplayers and providing them with a sonic landscape to explore and bring their characters to life. Here’s how our music enhances the cosplay experience:

– Immersive Soundscapes: Our compositions span a wide range of genres, from House and Tech House to Progressive House, Electro House, Big Room, Dubstep, and Trap. This diverse sonic palette allows cosplayers to choose tracks that align with the atmosphere, mood, or character they wish to embody. Whether it’s a high-energy, adrenaline-pumping performance or a more ethereal and introspective portrayal, our music provides the ideal soundtrack to enhance the immersive experience for both cosplayers and their audiences.

– Emotional Resonance: Our music evokes a wide spectrum of emotions, from euphoria and excitement to introspection and melancholy. These emotional resonances offer cosplayers the opportunity to dive deep into the psyche of their characters, infusing their performances with raw emotion and authenticity. By syncing their movements, expressions, and choreography with the music, cosplayers can create powerful and captivating portrayals that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

– Energy and Rhythm: mAdcAt’s music is known for its infectious energy and pulsating rhythms. These qualities provide cosplayers with a dynamic foundation to synchronize their movements and choreography. The driving beats and catchy melodies propel their performances, elevating the overall impact and engagement. Whether it’s a high-intensity dance routine or a carefully choreographed fight sequence, our music amplifies the energy and brings an added layer of excitement to the cosplayer’s presentation.

– Inspirational Themes: Our compositions often carry themes of empowerment, individuality, and pushing boundaries. This resonates deeply with cosplayers who use their craft to celebrate their uniqueness and break away from societal norms. By embracing the message of “Be Proud of Being Weird,” cosplayers find encouragement and inspiration to fully express themselves, experiment with unconventional ideas, and showcase their creativity and individuality.

mAdcAt’s music acts as a dynamic backdrop that enhances the cosplay experience by providing a diverse range of immersive soundscapes, emotional resonances, energetic rhythms, and inspirational themes. We aim to create a synergistic relationship between our music and the cosplayers, enabling them to fully explore their characters, captivate their audiences, and make a lasting impact within the cosplay community.

4 — Are there any specific cosplay-inspired characters or concepts that you’ve incorporated into your work?

Absolutely! mAdcAt draws inspiration from a myriad of cosplay-inspired characters and concepts, allowing us to infuse our work with elements that resonate with both the EDM and cosplay communities. Here are a few examples of specific characters and concepts that have influenced our music and visual aesthetics:

– CAOS from the game Cyberpunk: The dystopian and futuristic themes of the Cyberpunk genre have deeply inspired us. Drawing from the captivating world of Cyberpunk, we incorporate futuristic elements, dark atmospheres, and electronic sounds that reflect the gritty and immersive nature of this universe. The edgy and industrial vibes often find their way into our tracks, creating an intense and dynamic sonic experience.

– The Horror of Movies: We pay homage to iconic horror movie characters such as Alien, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees. These timeless characters have left a lasting impact on popular culture and the cosplay community. By incorporating elements of horror, suspense, and a touch of darkness, we create tracks that evoke a sense of tension and excitement. The eerie melodies and haunting soundscape transport listeners to the realms of these legendary horror figures.

– Cosplay Mashups: In addition to specific characters, we also explore the concept of cosplay mashups, where we combine different genres, themes, and aesthetics to create a unique fusion. By blending diverse elements, we aim to inspire cosplayers to think outside the box and explore unexpected combinations in their own cosplays. This approach allows us to break boundaries and challenge conventions, just as cosplayers do in their own creative endeavors.

By incorporating these cosplay-inspired characters and concepts into our work, mAdcAt creates a rich tapestry of sound and visual aesthetics. We strive to bring the essence and spirit of these characters to our music, allowing fans and cosplayers alike to connect with our tracks on a deeper level. Whether it’s through futuristic Cyberpunk vibes or the spine-chilling allure of horror, our music becomes a sonic portal, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in fantastical worlds and embrace their own unique cosplay journeys.

5 — Can you elaborate on the significance of mAdcAt’s motto, “Be Proud of Being Weird”?

The motto “Be Proud of Being Weird” holds great significance for mAdcAt and embodies the core values and philosophy of our group. Let’s delve deeper into its meaning and why it resonates with both our music and the cosplay community.

– Embracing Individuality: The motto encourages individuals to embrace their quirks, idiosyncrasies, and uniqueness. In a world that often pressures people to conform to societal norms, mAdcAt advocates for celebrating one’s individuality. We believe that everyone has their own distinct qualities, talents, and perspectives that should be embraced and celebrated, rather than suppressed or hidden.

– Challenging Conventions: Being “weird” implies stepping outside of the mainstream and challenging traditional conventions. mAdcAt’s music pushes boundaries and defies categorization, incorporating a diverse range of genres and styles. By encouraging people to be proud of their “weirdness,” we inspire them to break free from societal expectations and explore their creativity in unconventional and exciting ways.

– Empowerment and Self-Expression: “Be Proud of Being Weird” encourages individuals to express themselves authentically and without fear of judgment. This motto promotes self-confidence, empowering people to fully embrace their passions, interests, and artistic endeavors. In the context of cosplay, it is a reminder that cosplayers should embrace their unique interpretations of characters, explore their own creative ideas, and showcase their individuality through their costumes and performances.

– Creating Inclusive Communities: The motto also emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and acceptance. By celebrating our “weirdness” together, we foster an inclusive community that welcomes and appreciates diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. It encourages individuals to support one another, appreciate differences, and build connections based on shared passions.

The significance of “Be Proud of Being Weird” extends beyond mAdcAt’s music and reaches the cosplay community at large. Cosplayers often find solace, empowerment, and a sense of belonging within the cosplay world, where their uniqueness is celebrated. By embracing this motto, we aim to inspire cosplayers to fully express themselves, break away from societal norms, and celebrate their individuality with pride.

To be clear, “Be Proud of Being Weird” encapsulates mAdcAt’s commitment to embracing individuality, challenging conventions, empowering self-expression, and fostering inclusive communities. It serves as a rallying cry for cosplayers and all individuals who dare to be different, encouraging them to embrace their true selves and celebrate their own unique journeys.

6 — In what ways does mAdcAt utilize their platform to advocate for important causes like peace, mental health, LGBTQIA+ support, and combating corruption?

mAdcAt recognizes the immense power and responsibility that comes with having a platform, and we are deeply committed to utilizing it to advocate for important causes that align with our values. Here’s how we actively support these causes:

– Peace: mAdcAt believes in the transformative power of music to inspire peace and unity. Through our music and performances, we strive to create an atmosphere that transcends boundaries, encourages harmony, and promotes messages of peace. We aim to foster a sense of togetherness and understanding among our fans, using our platform to spread positivity and inspire collective action toward a more peaceful world.

– Mental Health: As individuals who face various mental health conditions ourselves, including ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette’s Syndrome, and Color Blindness, mAdcAt is passionate about raising awareness and supporting mental health initiatives. We openly share our own experiences to destigmatize mental health challenges and create a safe space for discussions. Through our music, we aim to provide comfort, inspiration, and a sense of belonging to those who may be navigating their own mental health journeys.

– LGBTQIA+ Support: mAdcAt stands firmly in support of the LGBTQIA+ community and their rights. We use our platform to promote inclusivity, acceptance, and equal rights for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Our music and performances are spaces where everyone can feel seen, celebrated, and embraced. We actively engage with LGBTQIA+ organizations, amplify their voices, and collaborate with artists from the community to foster representation and create positive change.

– Combating Corruption: mAdcAt strongly opposes corruption and advocates for transparency, fairness, and ethical practices within the music industry and beyond. We speak out against exploitative practices, particularly when it comes to streaming platforms like Spotify, as mentioned earlier. By taking a stand and challenging such behavior, we aim to hold influential entities accountable and initiate discussions about reform within the industry. Additionally, we support initiatives and organizations that actively work to combat corruption in various sectors, using our platform to raise awareness and promote positive change.

Through our music, performances, social media presence, and collaborations, mAdcAt actively promotes these causes, raises awareness, and engages with our fans and the broader community. We understand the importance of using our platform to amplify marginalized voices, spark conversations, and inspire action. By leveraging our influence, we strive to make a meaningful impact, drive positive change, and create a more inclusive, accepting, and just world for all.

7 — Can you give us some insights into your most recent collaboration with DJ M33CH?

It’s an exhilarating project that allowed us to infuse our magic touch into an already charming track.

The original track itself possessed an undeniable charm that caught our attention. We recognized its potential and saw an opportunity to take it to the next level by adding mAdcAt’s unique sound and energy. Our goal was to enhance the original track while staying true to its essence.

To accomplish this, we incorporated thumping beats, hypnotic synths, and powerful drops that would captivate the crowds and get them moving on the dancefloor. We wanted to create an edit that would infuse the track with our signature mAdcAt sound, elevating its emotional impact and injecting it with irresistible energy.

By maintaining the essence of the original track and weaving in our distinctive elements, we struck a perfect balance between emotion and energy. The edit showcases our ability to blend catchy melodies, infectious grooves, and dynamic arrangements. It’s designed to be a track that ignites the dancefloor, compelling DJs and fans alike to move to its rhythm and embrace the uplifting vibes.

We believe that this collaboration with DJ M33CH will be a surefire hit in any party or club setting. The combination of the original track’s charm and mAdcAt’s magic touch creates an irresistibly catchy and electrifying experience. We’re confident that both DJs and fans won’t be able to resist the urge to dance and groove to the dynamic beats and uplifting atmosphere of this collaboration.

Overall, the collaboration with DJ M33CH allowed us to blend our unique sound with the original track’s charm, resulting in a powerful and captivating edit. It’s a testament to our ability to infuse tracks with our distinct mAdcAt style while maintaining the core essence of the music. We’re excited to share this collaboration with the world and witness the positive impact it has on dance floors and music lovers everywhere.

8 — How would you define the signature sound that mAdcAt has crafted over the years?

The signature sound that mAdcAt has crafted over the years can be defined as a fusion of diverse genres, pulsating energy, and immersive atmospheres. Our sound is characterized by the following elements:

– Genre Fusion: mAdcAt embraces a wide range of genres, including House, Tech House, Progressive House, Electro House, Big Room, Dubstep, and Trap. We blend these genres seamlessly, pushing the boundaries and defying categorization. This genre fusion allows us to create a unique sonic experience that spans different moods and styles.

– Energetic Beats and Rhythms: Our music is known for its energetic beats and infectious rhythms. We incorporate thumping basslines, driving kicks, and catchy percussions that ignite the dancefloor and propel listeners to move to the music. The pulsating energy of our tracks creates an electrifying atmosphere that captivates the audience.

– Atmospheric and Immersive Soundscapes: mAdcAt takes pride in crafting atmospheric and immersive soundscapes. We pay meticulous attention to the details, weaving intricate melodies, ethereal pads, and mesmerizing synths that transport listeners to fantastical worlds. This creates an immersive experience, drawing the audience into our sonic universe.

– Catchy Melodies and Hooks: Our tracks often feature catchy melodies and hooks that stick in the minds of listeners. These infectious musical elements become memorable and resonate with our fans, creating a strong connection and leaving a lasting impact.

– Emotional Resonance: mAdcAt’s music carries emotional depth and resonance. We explore a wide spectrum of emotions, ranging from euphoria and excitement to introspection and melancholy. This emotional range allows listeners to connect with our music on a deeper level, evoking feelings and creating a powerful emotional journey.

– Unpredictability and Experimentation: We thrive on pushing boundaries and experimenting with unconventional sounds and arrangements. This element of unpredictability keeps our sound fresh, exciting, and ever-evolving. We aim to surprise and challenge our listeners, continually exploring new sonic territories.

Collectively, these elements form the signature sound of mAdcAt. It’s a fusion of genres, pulsating energy, atmospheric soundscapes, catchy melodies, emotional resonance, and a spirit of experimentation. This unique sonic identity sets us apart and defines our creative expression in the world of electronic dance music.

9 — Are there particular artists that have a profound influence when it comes to produce music?

Indeed, my musical influences span a wide spectrum, encompassing both classical and contemporary artists who have left an indelible mark on me. Let me elaborate on some of the profound influences I have when it comes to producing music:

– Classical Masters: The timeless compositions of Beethoven, Bach, and Vivaldi have had a profound impact on my musical journey. Their grandeur, mastery of melody, and ability to evoke deep emotions have shaped my understanding of music’s power to transcend time and touch the soul. Drawing inspiration from classical elements allows me to infuse my compositions with a sense of timelessness and emotional depth.

– Rock Revolutionaries: The raw energy and grunge of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam have been a significant influence on me. Their groundbreaking sound and rebellious spirit in the rock scene have inspired me to push boundaries and embrace a sense of non-conformity. Green Day’s ability to infuse punk with catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics has also left a lasting impact on my creative vision.

– Emotional Depth: Artists such as Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park have touched me with their emotional depth and introspective lyrics. The raw passion they infuse into their music resonates deeply, and their ability to blend genres and push boundaries has influenced my approach to crafting powerful and emotionally charged compositions.

– Electronic Dance Music Pioneers: The pioneers of electronic dance music have undoubtedly shaped my sound. Daft Punk’s infectious grooves, Fatboy Slim’s eclectic beats, The Chemical Brothers’ boundary-pushing experiments, and The Prodigy’s electrifying energy have all played a significant role in defining my approach to EDM. I draw inspiration from their innovation, their ability to captivate audiences, and their fearlessness in pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

By blending the grandeur of classical compositions, the raw emotion of Rock, and the infectious energy of electronic beats, I create the unique sonic tapestry that defines mAdcAt. It’s a celebration of the rich history of music that has come before me, a homage to the artists who fearlessly pushed boundaries, and an expression of my own artistic evolution. Through these diverse influences, I aim to create a sound that resonates deeply with listeners, evokes emotions, and transcends genres and conventions.

10 — What can fans expect from mAdcAt in the near future?

I’m excited to share some thrilling news about mAdcAt’s upcoming projects and what fans can expect in the near future. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

– Debut Album: I’m currently hard at work on my debut album, titled “The Freak Needs Friends.” This album will be a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of mAdcAt, pushing boundaries and embracing the unconventional. It’s set to be released towards the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. I can’t wait to unveil this collection of tracks and share it with my incredible supporters.

– Captivating Music Lives: In addition to the album, I have plans for captivating music lives where I’ll bring my unique sound and high-energy performances to the stage. These live shows will be an immersive experience, filled with pulsating beats, visual spectacles, and an atmosphere that transports the audience to another dimension. Prepare to be swept away by the electrifying energy of mAdcAt’s live performances.

– Tour Considerations: While a tour is something I’m considering, I must take into account the challenges posed by my Tourette’s Syndrome and other mental conditions. As an artist, my well-being is of utmost importance, and I want to ensure that I can deliver the best experience for my fans without compromising my health. I’m evaluating the feasibility of a tour and will make decisions based on what’s best for my overall well-being.

– Weird.Inc Store: For those who want to stay connected and support my journey, I invite you to visit our store at There, you’ll find a range of unique t-shirts and hoodies, all designed by yours truly—a colorblind dude with a knack for embracing the weird. By sporting these merchandise items, you’ll not only show your support for mAdcAt but also become part of a community that celebrates individuality and creative expression.

So, stay tuned for the album release, keep an eye out for the upcoming music lives, and remember to embrace your quirks and celebrate the weirdness that makes each of us unique. Together, we’ll continue to make waves in the music world and beyond. Thank you for your unwavering support, and I can’t wait to share more exciting updates with all of you.



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Notaker’s Insights On His Debut Independent Album, ‘Echoes In Eternity’



Notaker Echoes In Eternity

In a candid interview, Notaker talks about the most important details behind his debut independent album, ‘Echoes In Eternity. He offers his fans a glimpse into the inspiration and emotions that fueled its creation. Happy reading!

1 — In your words, how would you describe the sonic atmosphere of this new album, ‘Echoes In Eternity’?

I would describe it as otherworldly, outrun retro, or dimensional. Those are the kinds of ideas I really aimed at for this project.

2 — ‘Echoes In Eternity’ is an interesting album title. Can you share the story or concept behind choosing this name?

I’ve always liked the famous quote from Marcus Aurelius “What we do now echoes in eternity”. It parallels what I wanted to do with this album which was to make something timeless that I could look back on many years from now and feel proud to have created.

3 — How do you think this album engages listeners on an emotional level?

As it hasn’t been released yet I’m not quite sure. It certainly holds a lot of myself in the music and hopefully, those emotions that I felt creating the music will shine through to listeners when they hear the album.

4 — What steps did you take to connect and work with Danyka Nadeau and Eric Lumiere?

I knew Eric from a collaboration we created previously so it was very easy to reach back out to him and work again. Danyka and I met through her manager Daniel who thought we could create something awesome together, and he was very right. It was a true treat to work with both, they are amazing artists.

Danyka Nadeau
5 — How does this material differ from your previous work with mau5trap and Anjuna?

It’s much less confined to any parameter a label might impose upon my work. This is truly a raw and unfiltered look at my music. The most “me” thing I feel I’ve ever created.

6 — Is there any particular track in the album that holds a special meaning to you?

In a way they all are, it’s tough to choose. I think the “Illusion of Time” is very special as I got to make that with one of my friends Kyu who played the hand pan which I sampled for that song. Always great to create things with friends.

Notaker interview debut album Echoes In Eternity
How would you describe the evolution of your artistic style and sound as reflected in this album?

In a way it’s cyclical. Finding new things that sound nostalgic to me and then creating them in a new and interesting way. Hopefully, people can hear that in my sound, something new but also familiar.



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Öwnboss & Selva Dish On The Creation Of “RIOT” — Interview



Öwnboss Selva
Closing out the festival season with a bang, Brazilian talents Öwnboss and Selva team up on anthemic dance hit “RIOT” for their debut on the respected label Monstercat. Not only a mainstage monster, “RIOT” gears up to take on the virtual world as the official anthem in the latest Brazilian-themed season of the sports-based video game Rocket League.

We caught up with Öwnboss and Selva to go behind the scenes on the making of “RIOT.”

1 — First of all, how do you maintain a balance between staying true to your own unique style while collaborating and complementing each other’s musical style?

Selva: I think the fun part about collaborating is to mix things up and see what happens. That being said, presenting ideas with context, staying true to yourself, and respecting the collaborator’s input is the formula to create something interesting that you wouldn’t come up with yourself. For example, Öwnboss has his famous lead synth, but we never forced it in. The progression choices and the energy that builds up until the drop made that synth not only essential but also brought the power we needed for the drop!

Öwnboss: I would say that I don’t have much of that balance because I’d say I don’t follow only a single style, you know? My sound is what I like to play, what makes sense at the moment, and what makes me happy. Of course, “Move Your Body” is a track that defines me in a way and I’m very proud of it, but I always try to evolve and improve my productions, as happened here with Selva. “RIOT” had more than 10 versions that went through various musical styles, which speaks a lot to my trajectory as a producer as well. The final version was our favourite, and it brings a lot of who we are as musicians.

2 — “RIOT” is set to debut in Rocket League’s battle arenas. Is this the first time you have produced music for video games?

Öwnboss: That’s a good question because we didn’t really produce the song thinking about having it in a video game, but that’s exactly what happened in the end. I had the pleasure of having “Move Your Body” on the Formula 1 2022 soundtrack, I believe for the size the track has taken by playing on the stages worldwide. With “RIOT,” I think we were able to produce such an exciting, rebellious song…. almost like a generational anthem, that seeing it as a soundtrack for such an important and young game like Rocket League turns out to be a perfect fit. “RIOT” really has a feel of action and adrenaline.

Selva: Yes, for me it’s the first time. I still am getting used to hearing my kids across the house turning on Rocket League and hearing my song!

3 — What qualities do you like the most about the vocals on ‘RIOT’?

Selva: I think the vocals are the soul of this song. We built the song around it, and we worked really hard for the production to play the role of enhancing the power of those lyrics.

Öwnboss: I agree. I really like the contrast between the vocals of the children singing in a very high-pitched tone and Brian’s voice, more serious. I think it’s a very good balance since the sonorities complement each other. Another thing that catches me is this “battle anthem” vibe of hers, it feels half revolutionary, like… Pink Floyd. It had been a while since I’d received a vocal with this strength, and I believe that’s why this track became so important to us.

4 — Imagine you could incite a riot for change. What goal would you inspire people to stand up for?

Öwnboss: That’s a tough question to answer because the world needs a lot of change, so how do you choose the most important one? Or the most urgent. What comes first in my mind is a riot for people to be themselves, without being ashamed and without worrying about what others will think. Be yourself. I think it is a path of no return to freedom and happiness. Probably the world would be better and lighter if everyone could follow that.

Selva: Interesting question! I think once you create a song and put it out into the world, the meaning of it is no longer yours to choose. Everyone has a different life experience and people digest ideas and messages in a very singular way. At first, this song didn’t have a political angle, but it can absolutely have.
I’d say: start a riot in your heart, soul, and mind.

5 — Öwnboss, your busy 2023 World Tour is currently underway. How does the release of “RIOT” fit into your tour’s momentum?

Öwnboss: The release of “RIOT” in the middle of my tour was very important because I was able to play the track on various stages around the world without it being released. People don’t know it, but the music captivates almost instantly, which makes it an important reinforcement for my sets. I see the audience eager to learn the lyrics. I can say “RIOT” certainly arrived at a good time.

6 — Selva, as a platinum-certified songwriter and producer, you have worked with prominent names in the EDM scene. What new things did you learn from this collaboration?

Selva: I think of myself as a songwriter above anything, and I’m blessed enough to work with so many different accomplished and talented artists, including Öwnboss whom I have written a number of songs. “RIOT” is a special one for me, and it just felt right to represent this one by his side. I personally learned to trust my gut more than ever.

7 — Can you capture the essence of “RIOT” in just one sentence?

Öwnboss: RIOT is energetic, revolutionary, and catchy.

Selva: All revolutions start in the soul.

8 — Were there any specific elements that made the creation of this track particularly challenging?

Selva: The chorus. We knew the chorus was potent and strong, but it was challenging to “dose” it through the song. We did a bunch of versions in order to land one that we felt delivered the chorus without being repetitive and enhanced it.

Öwnboss: Yeah, the vocals, for sure. And the collaboration with a children’s choir, which is the “extra touch” and makes it different from anything that I’ve ever produced before.

9 — What specific role did you play while working on “RIOT”?

Öwnboss: The lyrics were written by Brian, so my main role was to help set the musicality of the track, creating a climax on the chorus and the revolutionary footprint we wanted for it. Then, another challenge of ours was to integrate the high-pitched voice of the children’s choir with the other elements of the track, so that it would be dense, dynamic and keep the rebellious tone.

Selva: As mentioned I was on the songwriting. I dove in on the production as well later on, but I’d say I mainly focused on melody and lyrics and let my main man Öwnboss do his thing and create the whole context and drop.

10 — If a future collaboration opportunity arises, what new things would you be interested in exploring?

Selva: I’d like to have another go at exploring a RIOT-like anthemic chorus again, maybe in a higher BPM.

Öwnboss: Each collaboration is the reflection of the moment that I’m living. After that everything changes, so I think it’s hard to answer this question. I will always explore what is true and meaningful to me in that moment, so my music can speak to others.




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Exclusive Interview: Paul Mayson Delves Into His Debut Album ‘One Life’



One Life Paul Mayson Interview

Paul Mayson‘s first-ever album, ‘One Life,’ is like a special mix of his love for House music, blended with different kinds of sounds and cool collaborations from artists all over the world. You definitely don’t want to miss this interview!

1 — With the release of your debut album ‘One Life,’ what are your expectations for how listeners will connect with the music?

My goal was to showcase my story and my sound. And for it to be an uplifting, positive, and summery album. Hopefully, it feels like that! It’s a collection of songs made at the moment, to make you feel happy and free. It’s about embracing life, the good things and the bad. And about doing what makes you happy.

2 — You’ve teamed up with a diverse range of international artists on this material. Please let us know how these collaborations came to be.

It was really exciting taking elements from different genres, working with a group of great artists who come from very different backgrounds, and bringing all of these sounds and flavors together on one project. A lot of artists I meet myself, reach out to the people I’m interested in. I often travel abroad to work on music together and do sessions in London or LA. Sometimes collabs can also happen through the label or the publisher, but ultimately it’s great to have an artist-to-artist relationship.

3 – What compelled you to emphasize the themes of life, freedom, and diversity in this album?

I’m very passionate about House music culture and the way it started. Which was all about positivity and celebrating life together. I love that message and think the soulful, feel-good element of House music is what always really attracted me to the genre. And to music in general, including other genres like Soul and RnB.

4 – Can you share more details about the process of integrating experimental elements into the music production of your album?

A few of the songs (like “Tell Me How” and “I Want You”) were basically made during one big jam session. It’s me just trying out completely different sounds, textures, and rhythms and experimenting with live drums, guitars, and whatever I feel like. Letting go of any rules connected to dance music allows for a really fresh approach to the album songs.

6 – How does the artwork complement the album’s concept?

It emphasizes the feel-good element and the overall message of the album. Life is in front of you, it’s there for the taking. You’re in the hallway, step into the light and embrace life.

Paul Mayson One Life
7 – Will there be another amazing music video like “Have It All,” dropping in the near future?

We released a really cool art piece and visualizer for the album which I’m very excited about!

8 – Given your ambition to push boundaries within the Dance genre, do you think the bunch of producers already out there could make it tough for you to really stand out?

I think individuality is key. Doing something you’re passionate about. Telling your own story. If you go into that process, the outcome will be unique. Not following trends and doing my own thing is what helps me stand out and allows me to be ahead and I try to keep pushing myself.

9 – Among your studio essentials, what’s the item that you consider the cornerstone of your setup?

Quite a lot of my work is digital. I carry my laptop around and can produce and write anywhere with it, whether it’s my home studio, the studio in Amsterdam, a hotel, or even an airport. That’s what makes it flexible and international! Just being able to work anywhere and get the creative process going. At home I also love my Adam A77x monitors and I also use a Prophet synth.



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