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The Weeknd Reveals A Naughty Secret About His Music



The Weeknd Reveals A Naughty Secret About His Music
In a recent interview for the prestigious GQ magazine, The Weeknd opens up about his beginnings and his music. For a long time, he didn’t want anyone to even know who he was. When people first became aware of him, in 2011, after he released the three epic mixtapes that would become his first album, ‘Trilogy’, no one knew what he looked like or what his real name was (it’s Abel Tesfaye, by the way). People didn’t even know if The Weeknd was a person or a group. He was just this voice – a sweet voice trained in the sacred arts of Michael Jacksonism – that had been completely disembodied from the human who possessed it.

Okay, so on the one hand, Tesfaye didn’t want people to even look at him. And on the other hand, The Weeknd was singing about the dirtiest, most vulnerable things, begging us to not only know the most intimate details of his most intimate moments but to sing along with them.

The artist revelaed that sex is probably his greatest subject – cocaine is a close second. But it’s not like regular sex (or drugs). He sings about perversion, darkness and ecstatic releases that you should probably feel bad about. How it feels to know you’re only getting high/sleeping with a groupie to try to fill some unfillable psychic hole, so we’re bound to be disappointed but fuck it let’s do it anyway. How it feels to get a blow job while driving a luxury automobile. The Weeknd is almost certainly the only Electro Pop singer of his generation, or any generation, who sings beautiful love songs that pivot on the death by auto-erotic asphyxiation. He also says that the content of his songs derives mostly from personal experience. Interesting, right?

Watch his latest live performance at Lollapalooza Chile 2017, where he sings “I Feel It Coming” right here:


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