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There Are “No Excuses” For Not Listening To Papi’s New Song



There Are "No Excuses" For Not Listening To Papi's New Song
Following the success of his track “Atmosphere,” the Hip-Hop rapper from New York Papi has returned with a new song titled “No Excuses”. He hopes you enjoy it as much as he enjoyed writing it. His vocals begin in the intro with some type of echo effects. Then the head-nodding beats accompany his own flow. Damn, this man is a genius, with lines such as: “Life’s short so I love to love, if I have an excuse is the only thing I say”… I truy believe busting rhymes is his passion. You can definitely get the feeling he has lyrical substance. Stream in full below and add this track to your favorite playlist!



By Erick Ycaza

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