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There’s A New Dealazer, Free-To-Download Song



There's A New Dealazer, Free-To-Download Song
Dealazer – Let It Go feat. LisaBe – Vocal House

Dealazer teamed up with LisaBe to create the feel of House with a vibe of very cryptographic style of lyrics. This has been a track in production for many years and is available on many different stores, to even achieve the hard work that wasn’t quite easy and it took many hours by Dealazer, since problems occurred on the track cause it wasn’t quite easy to work with, and experiences on how to master the track came out to long before it even should been done.

Now the track is at it full experience for many listeners. Even with the smallest additions of something that could hit the chart boards if the track really was released in 2010 as it should had been that time. But 5 years in process might have been to long, but for some listeners it would really be something to really like, so enjoy what you will hear down below!


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