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Think You Know Enough About Depeche Mode? This New Book Reveals All!



Think You Know Enough About Depeche Mode? This New Book Reveals All!
In the four decades since Depeche Mode released their first single, they have quietly sustained a career as one of the UK’s biggest musical exports. At that time, they’ve notched up incredible sales, such is their global devoted fanbase. Yet in their homeland, they’ve been consistently been overlooked. The Depeche Mode’s new book, ‘Faith And Devotion’ written by Ian Gittins, attempts to unveil important facts, penning a worthy tribute to the Electro-Pop pioneers.

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Faith And Devotion Ian Gittins
Gittin’s book takes you on a researched journey through the Basildon boys’ rise from all-electronic, anti-rock cliche entity to elegantly wasted dons of debauchery with the world at their feet, adopting an accessible, easy-to-navigate album-by-album trip through their discography complete, with recording dates/venues, chart positions, tracklistings, etc. Of course, this will allow readers to dip in and out, depending on which version of Depeche they favour.

depeche mode book
In terms of backstory, which is interwoven with in-depth behind-the-scenes recollection of each album, the years in which they produced their greatest works. As well as being transitional musically, with the band swapping their synths for an industrial rockish approach. Gittins also explores the changes in the group dynamic and how close the band came to falling apart due to personal issues consuming its members, most natably, Dave Gahan’s drug addiction. Moreover, you’ll be happy to see the evolution of their strong visual identity over their career through groundbreaking photos.



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