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THIS OR THAT: Davi Hemann



Brazilian DJ Davi Hemann
Brazilian DJ, producer and all-round good guy Davi Hemann has been responsible for creating some of his native countries hottest musical exports with his unique blend of Brazilian Bass and Big Room flavours. We caught up with the multi-talented musician for the latest edition of This Or That.

3DJing or producing?

If I could only choose one, it would definitely be producing. I’m a computer nerd so spending hours and hours behind a computer screen trying to get the low end right is my passion! And not to mention that creating something that other people could play in their shows is priceless. I think producing gives me the opportunity to express myself in a different way than DJing, and I’m sure I prefer that.

Analogue or digital?

That’s a very tough question. With the little experience I have with analog systems, I would say I prefer digital. It’s versatile, not that expensive. I have everything that I need on my laptop and I can make awesome music with that. But I have to say that recording with analog technology feels so right. There is no way a Moog VST will sound the same as the original one. Analog instruments give the track a whole new atmosphere that the digital doesn’t (yet?).

Single or album?

Talking about my career, singles. For me, an album requires this linear story that takes months and months to get it right and songs that relate to each other. But as we live now on a playlist generation, the album almost lose the essence. It is very hard to create a conceptual album nowadays since most people will get one song of the album and put on their playlists when you in fact built that to listen as a whole thing.

Live recording or midi arrangement?

It depends. I would never use a performance instrument as midi, such as guitar, harmonica, brass in general, and stuff. I think they add something that the VST’s don’t and even if you mess around with the note velocity and vibrato it will not be the same as a real one. But I would say this is 5% of my workflow. The other 95% is all midi because is faster, editable (so you can test ten different melodies in one minute) and I don’t need to be in a studio to do it.

Collaborations or solo work?

I really love working with different talents. When you bring the right person to the right project, the creative workflow seems to flow very smoothly and without thinking too much, so I’m way more relaxed with the other stuff since two (or more) people are helping to carry the whole process, so if creating a drop is your weakness, then select a person that is good on it – to work with – and learn from him. Almost always the result is marvelous.

Guitar or piano?

Guitar! My roots. I was introduced in music by that instrument, and over the years I’ve created such a nearness that it’s very hard to explain. The guitar is my soul and it will ever be!

Finally – new Davi Hemann or old Davi Hemann?

New Davi Hemann. I’m always trying to improve by exploring different genres (I guess you can really tell by visiting my Spotify artist page), and I learn so much with that! The old Davi Hemann will always be an old-fashioned version of myself, while the new will constantly be fresh.



By Erick Ycaza

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