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Timmy Knight Launches His First Ever EP ‘Knight Rising (Episode I)’ — A Mix Of Afrobeats & Pop



Timmy Knight
Who’s ready for Timmy Knight‘s debut EP? The up-and-coming Nigerian artist is going global with his style, a unique blend of Afrobeats + Pop. Thanks to the Internet this unconventional sound is taking over the international music scene by storm. With his 5-track material entitled ‘Knight Rising (Episode I)’, the 23-year-old artist has everything to make an impact on the charts.

Overall, his fresh-sounding vocals shine over tribal-esque kick drums and RnB beats, which are addictive to your ears. Personally, I think “Groove Right” is a song that smells like a smash hit. Clearly, on this one, he dares to explore into EDM territory, without going too far from his authentic shaker-driven rhythm. Another pleasant surprise is “Different”, a passion-fueled song that is really catchy, to such an extent that I’m listening to it on repeat.

Currently, Timmy is promoting a high-quality music video for the first single “KPO”. If you’re looking for fashion trends, you’ll love the elegance of all the cast. Moreover, the storyline behind the clip is captivating and seducing. That being said, you’ll notice the artist looks like a fool in love. Enjoy it right here!



By Erick Ycaza

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