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Top 5 Anticipated Glasses Trends For Men In 2021



glasses trends for men
Whether you wear prescription glasses or not, looking out for trends in new frames are quite exciting. For 2021, you are in for a stunning surprise. In case, if you’ve been looking for a new style, now’s the perfect excuse to try some glasses out.

Whether you want to impress on your next date, experiment with a new style or wish to be a leader, trendy glasses are the best chance to do so. The 2021 eyewear trends have a lot to give for everyone. From subtle black frames to eye-grabbing transparent frames, our trend chart includes the list of only the best.

Top 5 glasses trends for men

If you think, men’s glasses are only limited to Aviators or Clubmaster then you are utterly mistaken. Here are some of the styles in glasses that you’ll find fascinating.

1. Transparent frames

Are you into off-beat or new design? Do you love a pop of colour? Then transparent glasses are your thing. Transparent frames are created with a unique see-through design with sheer subtlety that works well on every occasion.

Transparent glasses are one of the chart-topping trends in men’s fashion from the past few years. And by the look of this year, it seems to stay in-trend for more time. These glasses are perfect in all regards. From allowing complete fashion freedom to not having to fret about your outfit, skin tone, or hair colour. The nature of it being the best at all places makes it even more charming to wear.

For a simple and refined look, you can opt for the traditional crystal glasses. But, if you wish to add a bit of colour, then warm transparent frames are well suited. The coloured transparent properly highlight your facial features, jaw area, and pulls great attention.

2. Geometric glasses

To stand out from the rest, you’ll need an edge. Geometric glasses have the most edges by far. Escalating towards more subtle and simple design, geometric glasses are a perfect hint of angular and sharp design. Uncomplicated and sorted, similar to rimless glasses, geometric glasses are purely designed for artsy appeal.

Flaunting your quirky side, and hesitant to blend in with the crowd, geometric glasses are a must-have for all men. Fashionable, stunning, and cleanly designed to its core. You’ll find geometric glasses made out of mostly metals of beautiful colours such as rose gold, silver, gold, lilac, and others. Innovating eyeglasses shapes like no other.

3. Thick-rimmed Black glasses

If you love going for the simple designs, without adding too much of a colour or flamboyant, then black glasses are your go-to. Black glasses are the most iconic and timeless style to exist till now. We know that it’s not a new style, but the fame of black glasses hasn’t undermined in decades which makes it even more interesting.

To look smarter, wiser, and more mature, black frames are utterly reliable. If you want the Entrepreneurial spirit to reflect or want to do well in a job interview, stick to these frames. Now, found in modernised design, black frames contradict being ever boring. Present in various enthralling style mixes or simple designs, a pair of black glasses are suitable on all occasions. From formals to casuals, rocking them on any outfit is an effortless trick.

4. Reworked Aviators

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? But don’t worry, we are suggesting the older Aviators. The classic Aviators in their oversized lenses were the talk of the past. The style enjoyed its fame for decades now if not centuries. But, with a new year comes a new design. Without losing the love of Aviators, we’ve reworked their shape to make them more contemporary.

The reworked aviators aren’t in your usual shape, it’s a mix of geometric, square, and wayfarer shape. It’s high time that you get to explore some variation in Aviators. As their partner in crime, the gold, gunmetal, gold, and silver colours have thankfully, stayed with the new designs. In their simple metallic glamour, the clean design can express their spirit of sophistication in detail.

5. Wooden Glasses

Being fashion-conscious is equally important as being earth-conscious. Be careful while choosing the material in glasses. Rather than opting for injection-moulding plastic frames, opt for eco-friendly wooden glasses. Excellent quality men’s and women’s glasses in diverse kinds of wooden material.

Wooden glasses are natural, sustainable, and durable for as long as you’d want. With more people rejecting plastic, the shift in focus of wooden glasses is growing every day now. To be honest, wooden glasses have got a more soothing and aesthetical appeal than the rest.

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Which Degree Is Best For A Fashion Designer?



Fashion Designer
Your ability to launch a prosperous career in the design industry will be enhanced by earning a degree in design. Students who want to study how accessories and apparel are created, produced, and sold to the general public might consider taking courses or enrolling in programs in fashion design. You might be well aware of what is narrative format and craft perfect essays for school; however, to become a professional fashion designer, you must have a lot of imagination, excitement, devotion, and courage, as well as a solid basis in knowledge and creative ability. And that’s where fashion design degrees meet that demand.

For convenience, we have examined global rankings and provided a list of the top fashion design universities below.

Academy of Art University (San Francisco, USA)

The mission of the Academy of Art University is to challenge the typical and produce the remarkable. They provide more than 120-degree programs in art and design that touch on cutting-edge technologies. By majoring in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Fashion Product Development, you can learn to design and produce goods suitable for a brand’s target market. You’ll examine the most recent fashion trends, produce technical designs using hand drawings and programs often used in the industry, locate and source materials, and organize the creation of seasonal collections.

Duration – 8 Semesters
Tuition fees – $1,156 per unit – 3 units per class

Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) (Milan, Italy)

The Istituto Europeo di Design has been researching and providing instruction in management, fashion, visual communication, and design for nearly fifty years. The IED is a rapidly growing global community that administers first-level academic credentials and hosts three-year programs, Masters’s programs, continuing professional advancement programs, and extensive training initiatives.

The fashion design course is a creative lab that directs students toward gradually acquiring a distinct project creation technique utilized with Made in Italy know-how.

Duration – 11 months
Tuition fees – 20,100 eur/full

Paris College of Art (Paris, France)

The Paris College of Art offers a vibrant setting for exchanging concepts, procedures, and professional expertise. Their staff and students combine curiosity, innovation, and excitement in the quest for knowledge. The Paris College of Art’s Fashion Design program combines new resources and innovations with classic Parisian couture know-how. It offers students the knowledge and abilities they need to make the most of cutting-edge contemporary equipment and components.

Duration – 1 year
Tuition fees – 28,600 EUR/year

University of South Wales (Cardiff, the UK)

The University of South Wales is a culturally and ethnically mixed academic community united in the notion that knowledge and education can alter lives. The creative new Design Innovation program from the University of South Wales has been created to unlock your imagination, hone your analytical skills, and improve your core competencies so you can guide the following generation of trailblazing companies and forward-thinking organizations.

Duration – 1 year
Tuition fees – 16,324 EUR/year

School of Arts, Design, and Architecture, The Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland)

The School of Arts is where theory and practice in design and architecture collide. The positive learning environment results from a passionate teaching style that values creativity and analytical thinking. Their students design human-centered spaces that promote health, learning, and employment.

The Fashion, Clothes, and Textile Design program at Aalto University provides learners with the reactive and innovative skills necessary to address upcoming global socio-technical concerns and to develop fresh, environmentally friendly, and culturally inclusive design solutions for the textile and fashion industries worldwide.

Duration – 2 years
Tuition fees – 15,000 EUR/year

Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, US)

To educate gifted students for professional professions, the Savannah College of Art and Design strongly emphasizes education through individualized attention in a supportive academic setting.

The strong Design Management program at Savannah College of Art and Design is known for generating exceptional graduates who are prepared to succeed in the workplace as proponents of design innovation and imaginative problem-solving.

Duration – 2 years
Tuition Fees – $41097 Full

University of Boras (Boras, Sweden)

The University of Bors promotes high-quality education, research, and innovation in a global context with considerable social impact. Here, they collaborate for the sake of the future and to change the world.

Would you like to pursue a career in fashion or textile design? Are you searching for a school that promotes experimentation and exploration?
The University of Bors’ Master’s Degree in Fashion and Textile Design could be the right course of study for you. You can test many of your design concepts in the school’s labs.

Duration – 2 years
Tuition fees – 25,739 EUR/year

Final Thoughts

Only the greatest success in the fashion industry because it is so fiercely tough. Enrolling in a program at a college with a solid basis in the fashion and design industry will allow you to refine your skills and learn from academics and other people with extensive relevant expertise and insights.

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5 Haircuts For Men With A Receding Hairline



Haircuts For Men
If you’re noticing that your hair is beginning to thin out, or your hairline creeping back, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

There are ways in which you can help reduce the appearance of a receding hairline, volumize your hair and make you look younger. One such way is by considering a new hairstyle that can completely transform your look.

Let’s take a look at some that can help you look and feel younger!

1. The Comb Over

A comb-over is one of the most popular hairstyles for men who are losing hair. The style is parted at one side and the remaining hair on top is combed to one side, hence the name!

This can be done at either side and gives men the opportunity to cover their balding sports or their receding hairlines with the rest of their hair on top. It adds volume on top, giving the impression that you have more hair than you actually do.

You also have the choice of length on the sides, although if you’re looking for a more youthful look, it may be an idea to go short on the sides. If you’re more experimental, you can even shave in tramlines or patterns to spruce up the look a bit!

If you’re worried you haven’t got enough hair for this look, there are many professional, qualified businesses that can help, such as a Tampa hair restoration service. Although it’s the most expensive choice, getting a hair transplant is the more permanent solution, guaranteed to make a difference and solve your hairline problems.

2. Slick Back

Using quite a bit of hair product, follow your hairline and comb from the front to the back of your head to create a slick back look. This hairstyle is elegant, neat, and sophisticated and has been worn by many high-profile celebrities such as David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt.

This hairstyle is great for men of all ages and is particularly useful if you’re aiming to highlight your widow’s peak.

3. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut has come back into fashion with a vengeance! Suitable for all age groups, the buzz cut is a fantastic way of eliminating the noticeability of a receding hairline or bald patches. By cutting your hair the same length all around the head, you’re making the thin and shorter parts of the hair less noticeable.

You don’t have to experience hair loss to have a buzz cut, but it may be useful to find out if you are losing hair to make it easier to maintain in the future. There are things to look out for if you think you may be losing your hair or your family are susceptible to male pattern baldness, so be sure to check them out!

The buzz cut creates a rugged, but simultaneously neat look, and it’s one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain!

4. Short on Top With A Beard

This is a very popular choice for men susceptible to male pattern baldness. Cutting your hair short on top has the same benefits as the buzz cut, making bald patches and receding hairlines less noticeable. But, by adding a beard, you can compensate for the lack of hair on top!

Growing a beard will draw attention away from the lack of hair on top and acts as more of a statement feature. Beard also opens up more styling options, so you can experiment with your look through facial hair instead of head hair.

5. Mohawk

You may look at that word and think: absolutely not. But, Mohawks come in many sizes and shapes and can be as eccentric or toned down as you wish. By concentrating your hair on the central strip of your head, you can cover bald spots and redirect attention away from bald spots and receding hairlines.

You can experiment with the back and sides and leave the top as long as you’d like!

Final Thoughts

Hair restorations are an easy, permanent solution to receding hairlines, but it’s not for everyone. So, any of these 5 hairstyles can help you hide your areas of concern and help you create a more youthful look!

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What Are Tactical Pants?



The type of apparel known as tactical trousers is unique. They have greater utility, are made of sturdy fabric, and feature a few extra components. Unlike camouflage pants, they are usually plain and are often suitable for wearing in both extreme and urban conditions. To take full advantage of all the benefits of tactical work pants, buy quality pants from the Galls brand.

What makes tactical pants different from regular pants?

There are several factors, each of which is important and without which tactical trousers would be the most common trousers.

● Practicality. Practical tactical gear pants are needed for tactical actions since you need to be effective. They serve to both hide your body and facilitate your performance. They must thus offer a certain degree of comfort, mobility, and well-designed pockets for transporting valuables. Design choices should be sensible, and there shouldn’t be any pointless components. Practicality and versatility are complementary traits.

● Multifunctionality. Widely adaptable tactical pants should enable you to distribute mission-critical gear to the front, rear, and sides as you see appropriate. Carrying equipment is crucial, but it’s not the only consideration. Furthermore, your pants should protect you from the environment and, most importantly, the opposition. In the end, you want useful pocket designs and materials that can withstand fire and water while still offering some degree of disguise.

tactical pants
● Durability. Military cargo pants need to be strong and able to take more strain than typical. These are work clothing that you wear under challenging circumstances; they are subjected to filth, abrasion, chemical and physical elements, as well as UV radiation. Dynamic tactical circumstances frequently call for quick mobility and repositioning. The groin and knee regions frequently experience the most strain and rip the fastest. For this reason, you need materials that are dependable and long-lasting, such as ripstop textiles and combinations of materials like nylon and cotton or polyester and cotton.

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