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Top 5 Anticipated Glasses Trends For Men In 2021



glasses trends for men 2021
Whether you wear prescription glasses or not, looking out for trends in new frames are quite exciting. For 2021, you are in for a stunning surprise. In case, if you’ve been looking for a new style, now’s the perfect excuse to try some glasses out.

Whether you want to impress on your next date, experiment with a new style or wish to be a leader, trendy glasses are the best chance to do so. The 2021 eyewear trends have a lot to give for everyone. From subtle black frames to eye-grabbing transparent frames, our trend chart includes the list of only the best.

Top 5 glasses trends for men

If you think, men’s glasses are only limited to Aviators or Clubmaster then you are utterly mistaken. Here are some of the styles in glasses that you’ll find fascinating.

1. Transparent frames

Are you into off-beat or new design? Do you love a pop of colour? Then transparent glasses are your thing. Transparent frames are created with a unique see-through design with sheer subtlety that works well on every occasion.

Transparent glasses are one of the chart-topping trends in men’s fashion from the past few years. And by the look of this year, it seems to stay in-trend for more time. These glasses are perfect in all regards. From allowing complete fashion freedom to not having to fret about your outfit, skin tone, or hair colour. The nature of it being the best at all places makes it even more charming to wear.

For a simple and refined look, you can opt for the traditional crystal glasses. But, if you wish to add a bit of colour, then warm transparent frames are well suited. The coloured transparent properly highlight your facial features, jaw area, and pulls great attention.

2. Geometric glasses

To stand out from the rest, you’ll need an edge. Geometric glasses have the most edges by far. Escalating towards more subtle and simple design, geometric glasses are a perfect hint of angular and sharp design. Uncomplicated and sorted, similar to rimless glasses, geometric glasses are purely designed for artsy appeal.

Flaunting your quirky side, and hesitant to blend in with the crowd, geometric glasses are a must-have for all men. Fashionable, stunning, and cleanly designed to its core. You’ll find geometric glasses made out of mostly metals of beautiful colours such as rose gold, silver, gold, lilac, and others. Innovating eyeglasses shapes like no other.

3. Thick-rimmed Black glasses

If you love going for the simple designs, without adding too much of a colour or flamboyant, then black glasses are your go-to. Black glasses are the most iconic and timeless style to exist till now. We know that it’s not a new style, but the fame of black glasses hasn’t undermined in decades which makes it even more interesting.

To look smarter, wiser, and more mature, black frames are utterly reliable. If you want the Entrepreneurial spirit to reflect or want to do well in a job interview, stick to these frames. Now, found in modernised design, black frames contradict being ever boring. Present in various enthralling style mixes or simple designs, a pair of black glasses are suitable on all occasions. From formals to casuals, rocking them on any outfit is an effortless trick.

4. Reworked Aviators

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? But don’t worry, we are suggesting the older Aviators. The classic Aviators in their oversized lenses were the talk of the past. The style enjoyed its fame for decades now if not centuries. But, with a new year comes a new design. Without losing the love of Aviators, we’ve reworked their shape to make them more contemporary.

The reworked aviators aren’t in your usual shape, it’s a mix of geometric, square, and wayfarer shape. It’s high time that you get to explore some variation in Aviators. As their partner in crime, the gold, gunmetal, gold, and silver colours have thankfully, stayed with the new designs. In their simple metallic glamour, the clean design can express their spirit of sophistication in detail.

5. Wooden Glasses

Being fashion-conscious is equally important as being earth-conscious. Be careful while choosing the material in glasses. Rather than opting for injection-moulding plastic frames, opt for eco-friendly wooden glasses. Excellent quality men’s and women’s glasses in diverse kinds of wooden material.

Wooden glasses are natural, sustainable, and durable for as long as you’d want. With more people rejecting plastic, the shift in focus of wooden glasses is growing every day now. To be honest, wooden glasses have got a more soothing and aesthetical appeal than the rest.

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