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Top 5 Men Colognes In 2021



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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a person’s first impression? Not only does a person’s appearance set them apart from the crowd, but also their perfume. The scent has been proven to have struck us more than we could have imagined.

It’s not surprising to see that the perfume industry has grown with lots of brands, so you may be confused as to which perfume to choose for your loved one. In this article, we have listed the 5 greatest colognes for the year, which will help you to narrow down your choices.

Lancôme Hypnôse Homme

When we think of Lancôme, we think of their high-end perfumes for women like Idole and La Vie Est Belle. Lancôme for men is just as good as Lancôme for women, and the Lancôme Hypnôse Homme is one of the colognes that have gain a lot of fans.

The aroma of the Hypnôse Homme is oriental, with notes of incense and spices. Its uniqueness begins with its bottle, which has a slight twist design and is made of see-through modern glass. The cologne stands out in the high-end category thanks to the enchanting and exquisite scent, which lasts for 3-6 hours. This cologne is ideal for a romantic date or any special night event. The blend of fresh green mint goes in harmony with the relaxing notes of lavender, while the aromatic concord of amber highlights a trait of a gentle yet unconventional man.

Montblanc Legend Spirit

Since its founding in Germany in 2001, Montblanc has built a strong name in the luxury goods industry. For the past two decades, Montblanc colognes have been one of the most popular in the market. The brand became even more so when the original Legend cologne was introduced in 2011. The Legend Spirit shines in this collection, with the tagline “Follow Your Spirit,” which symbolizes ageless class.

Legend Spirit is a well-known cologne with a modern male appeal. The bottle’s ‘outfit’ is pure dazzling white with a tempered steel coat, giving it the appearance of a careless but charismatic guy. The woody aromatic scent rests softly in the base note of white musk and cashmere wood, evoking a refined sense. The Legend Spirit is a spring and summer fragrance that is also best worn in the daytime.

Givenchy Pi Neo

Givenchy is a French fashion house that radiates an air of elegance, and the brand is always finding new horizons. When the Pi Neo cologne was released in 2008, the inspiration behind the cologne has attracted a lot of attention in the perfume market. “Pi”, an irrational number that is applied as a mathematical constant, is paired with “Neo”, a concept from the Matrix’s Futurism philosophy. As a result of the combination, the Givenchy’s Pi Neo was created as an icon of youthful energy.

Pi Neo’s motto is “to smell good everywhere,” which makes it ideal for everyday casual outfits. The perfume begins with top notes of Mandarin and Bergamot, and then moves to middle notes of Cedar and Myrtle. It ends elegantly with a base note of Patchouli, to give the man who wears it a charming and friendly vibe. The Pi Neo bottle is different from the original Pi, and has a square, cut-side glass bottle. This allows you to see through the blue liquid and makes it stand out on the shelf.

Versace The Dreamer

The Italians are known for their passion for haute couture fashion, high-quality leather, and fragrance, with Versace being one of the most prominent Italian brands. When Versace released The Original Dreamer – Gianni Versace’s final cologne – in 1996, it sparked a debate between those who adored it and those who despised it, and the debate continues to this day.

The Dreamer is described as a mystic scent and comes in a very classic bottle with the Medusa logo. The fragrance begins with sweet mandarin, floral, and lavender notes that gives off a very fresh scent. The middle notes then kick in with tobacco and rose blends, creating a mysterious but also controversial note for this fragrance. The base note is warm and earthy, with hints of tonka bean and cedar. The Dreamer is a one-of-a-kind cologne for a mysterious, manly figure who enjoys spending time outside. Furthermore, this fragrance performs best in the fall and winter, when the temperature of the weather is cooler to help enhance the scent.

Dior Fahrenheit

Dior is a brand that never goes out of style, as evidenced by the fact that it is on nearly every fashion editor’s wish list. Dior’s new collections of colognes, including Homme and Sauvage, are frequently on-trend, but there are some old but gold classics, such as Fahrenheit. The cologne debuted in 1988 and has defined what modern and creative should be for the past 30 years.

From the packaging to the fragrance, this bottle is another top pick for winter. The burgundy ombre colour bottle is in a simple bell shape and is described as “very Dior”. The scent is made of fruity top notes from Sicilian Mandarin and Lemon, woody heart notes from Cedar and Sandalwood, and a strong base note from Leather. According to Dior, Fahrenheit has worked well for any man who wants to be “manly but subtle”.

A scent has always indicated a specific feeling that helps us recognize someone or something. That is why, in order to impress others, leaving a charming scent is just as important as having a bright smile.

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