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Top 5 Stylish Fitness Gadgets



Top 5 Stylish Fitness Gadgets

Keeping fit is not easy but it is not impossible. This has especially been made possible with the use of various devices designed to be your partner in your fitness journey. There are so many such fitness gadgets flooding the market choosing the best may not be easy for you. Here are the leading 5 in this category:

  1. The Nike Fuelband

The more active you are in your daily routines, the fitter you are. Keeping track of this progress can go a long way in enabling you to give yourself a pat on the back. It motivates you to strive to do better and keep fitter fir better health. It is with this in mind that the Nike Fuelband was designed. It keeps track of the number of steps a person takes in a day and records them as fuelpoints. The more points you get, the healthier the lifestyle you are living. This band keeps track of the points by many others in the program hence boosting the morale to keep doing better than those who beat you and improving your score.

  1. LG HRM Earphones for heart rate monitoring

The heart is the main organ running the body band its optimal health is important as it determines the difference between life and death. With the LG HRM earphones, you can keep track of your heart’s functioning while enjoying your favourite music. Simply download the app to your android or iOS device, place the strapping onto your waist or arm and plug in your earphones. You will get all the information you need to your ears, from the metabolic rate to the maximum oxygen consumption. The built-in microphone will come in handy in case of any abnormalities to help you get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Upright

Are you a person who keeps stooping or assuming the wrong posture most of the time? Then this device is the right solution for you. Improve your pose and gain more esteem by simply placing the device on your back, installing the app on your smart device and learning how to be disciplined. Upright will simply teach you how to be upright by reminding you whenever you stop doing so. This is achieved by vibration of the device whenever the wrong posture is assumed. The good news is that the device is so small you can forget you are even wearing it and the comfort is simply unbeatable.

Top 5 Stylish Fitness Gadgets

  1. Tomtom Runner Cardio

Whether you are performing your runs indoors or outdoors, this will prove to be your number one partner. By using QuickGPSFix Technology, it will keep track of your location and guide you to where you need to go fast and easily. An in-built heart rate monitor will keep track of all the changes in the heart during runs and help you ensure that you are not harmed while attempting to keep fit. You can link it to a device of choice via Bluetooth.

  1. Asus Vivo Watch

Just like the Tomtom runner cardio, this device has an in-built heart-rate monitor. This however is not all it offers. Keeping track of calories burnt and measuring the quality of sleep are its other functions. With an LED indicator to show when over-exertion is reacged you can be assured that with this device on your wrist you will not have to deal with any major health issues. All you need to do is stop when warned to do so.

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