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Torres & Ivan Rico Unleash Hard-Hitting Beats With “I Can Feel It”



Torres Ivan Rico
Torres teams up with Ivan Rico to present “I Can Feel It” via Future Rave Music. The Chinese DJ and music producer, Torres, collaborates once more with the label, having released the tracks “The Feeling” with Arain, “Try Together” alongside BruceLee, and “Stay” with LIN and BruceLee, in the past, showcasing his undoubted talent and style that features significant elements from the Future Rave genre while adding his personal touch and fresh input.

This is the first time, DJ and music producer Ivan Rico collaborates both with Torres and the label Future Rave Music, but the characteristic style and sound he’s developed are ready to be shared with the world and with all Future Rave lovers eager to find fresh releases from gifted up-and-coming music producers like him.

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Coming from previous releases by the label that showcases impressive productions that put the Future Rave genre at the forefront, Torres and Ivan Rico are ready to display their skills and sound with “I Can Feel It.” The track features a hard-hitting beat, powerful bassline, and staggering synths that build this song to be a Future Rave instant banger. Revved-up synths and beats lead up to a mighty drop. The main robotic vocals guide the musical journey of this energetic and heavy-hitting track. Gritty and acid pads and sonic elements add an extra, intense vibe to this remarkable production.

These artists surely prove once more, their talent and style are worthy of attention and praise, as this production merges the best of what both artists can offer, making “I Can Feel It” an unmissable listening experience.

Don’t forget to follow Future Rave Music as they continue to showcase first-class talent and productions from artists from different parts of the world, eager to display their unique sounds and styles that make for the best Future Rave singles.

“I Can Feel It” is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.



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