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Travel Back In Time With Franck Choppin’s ’80s-Style Music



The wizard of synths, Franck Choppin shares his latest single “Love Of Yesterday. With magic in his hands, he creates ’80s-style music that takes you back to another time in your life.

Unquestionably, this new song is a journey to the past, when Depeche Mode and New Order ruled the top of the charts. Moreover, the whole production truly stands out thanks to the sonic palette which evokes nostalgia.

Hailing from France, the European artist makes sure to revisit the romance through proper female vocals and lyrics. As a matter of fact, “Love Of Yesterday” tells the story of someone who has come across a former lover and is conflicted about the possibility of restarting the relationship.

Franck Choppin

In addition, this catchy tune is accompanied by a lyric video that complements retro-futuristic melodies. Bearing in mind also the versatility of Yamaha and Roland keyboards is what makes the rhythm so iconic.

Whether you’re a fan of ’80s Pop culture or simply enjoy a good throwback, “Love Of Yesterday” is an authentic tribute to the Electro-Pop genre. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already excited to hear his future releases.

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By Erick Ycaza

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