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Treat Yourself To A Spanish House Music Song, “Purumpumpum”



After rocking it with “Pa Lante,” the Dominican sensation El Chuape is back with a new Spanish House music song that’s sure to make you smile. Produced in collaboration with Nick & Danny Chatelain, “Purumpumpum” is set to crank up the heat on your sound system!

The music video shows just how infectious this rhythm is, blending electronic vibes with a Latin twist. Clearly, you’ll spot lots of folks dancing and having a blast with El Chuape, who’s also showing his fun side.

Without a doubt, once you tune in to a Spanish House music song like “Purumpumpum,” you will notice its distinctive sound that appeals to a broad audience. In fact, the amalgam of housey beats with the passionate elements of Hispanic music is a fusion that works pretty well at clubs.

spanish house music song

Spanish House music was pioneered by DJ Nano, Chimo Bayo, and Juan Magán, who helped establish the genre internationally. Emerging talents such as El Chuape are now finding a place on the playlists of industry giants like Tiësto.

“Purumpumpum” is a vocal-driven banger with a persistent 4/4 kick pattern, courtesy of the renowned Clipper’s Sounds label. And I wish you find delight in every second of it.



By Erick Ycaza

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