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Trunks Tells The Story Behind His Latest Hit “Call Shenron”



Call Shenron Trunks
LA-based DJ and Producer Trunks has an eclectic history in the electronic music scene as he first started off as a Trap artist before falling in love with EDM after interning at Dim Mak. He now fuses his love of the two genres together to create fresh and innovative dance tracks. Electro Wow caught up with Trunks to discuss his latest hit “Call Shenron”.

1 – Where did you get your inspiration from for this track?

It came from something my ex told me when we broke up; she said, “I want to let you loose and see if you’d run or stay” which is one of the lyrics in the song.

2 — Who is Shenron?

Shenron is a dragon from the show Dragonball Z that grants one wish to whoever is able to summon him.

3 — What’s it like to have another release out on Simplify?

It feels great! Simplify has really supported me and my music. They were the first label to actually sign one of my songs. I will always have a lot of love for the team over there.

4 — What tips have you got for producers looking to get their music signed?

Stick with it and don’t do it to get signed, just make music that you’re proud of. Also, make sure it is mastered and ready to go. First impressions are very important in this industry and you want to make sure the first time is the best time.

5 — How would you describe the vibe of “Call Shenron”?

The vibe is Rave/Dubstep/Trap. It’s a song that pays respect to some of my favorite artists like Skrillex.

6 — Did you have to overcome any obstacles when making this track?

Finding the right sound was the biggest obstacle for this one, it took a long time to find a sound I was happy with.

7 — What’s your approach to writing music?

I always start with laying down drums first, unless I already know what the sound is going to be. I played on the drum line in high school, so drums always bring the rest of the song together for me. I might not even have an idea of what the song is about just yet, but drums seem to get my mind going.

8 — Have you got your eye on anyone for collaboration within the future?

Rezz is probably the person I want to collaborate with the most in the near future. I really like her style and her music always goes hard.

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9— What are you looking to achieve this year?

I want to collaborate with some of the artists I respect and I also want to land on the Beatport charts Top 100.

10 — Who is currently influencing your music at the moment?

I try my best to not dive too deep into listening to what everyone is listening to. I feel like that will make me write the same thing as everyone else. My biggest current influences are probably some of my favorite songs growing up.

11 — How do you compare “Call Shenron” to some of your other releases?

I think it stands alone, the crazy synths and bass lines are different than anything I have tried to create before.

12 — What is the one song you wish you had written?

RL Grime & What So Not’s “Tell Me” is one of my all-time favorite tracks and probably one of my girlfriends’ favorite songs too.

13 — What is your favorite track that you have released and why?

“Nimbus” is my favorite so far, but I have a track that is being shopped around called “Sky” that is a real game changer in my opinion.

14 — What other activities spark your creativity?

Long walks usually spark creativity for me, just getting outside and seeing nature and exploring new places.

15 — Can you let us into some exclusives you have planned for the future?

Sure, I’m currently working on my debut EP called ‘Senzu Beans’ that we are planning to release soon. It will have a variety of Trap and Future Bass records that I am very proud of.



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