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Two Everlasting Outfits For Men To Rock Both Formal And Casual Occasions



Two Everlasting Outfits For Men To Rock Both Formal And Casual Occasions
Long gone are the days when classy gentlemen used to wear their best suits and tuxedos even during plane flights or train rides. Long gone are the days of changing suits every day of the week just to go to the office. And long gone are the times when sneakers were restricted to sports and leisure but never associated with a corporate environment. In a world that is getting more and more comfortable and casual, should men forget about the classics and embrace the jeans-and-tee outfit no matter the occasion?

Fashion experts consider this to be a huge mistake. Modern, cool and hip men can still rock a few timeless pieces of clothing and footwear if they really want to stand out of the crowd. And just as the ladies have their ageless little black dress and their forever stylish Bardot dress, so do men have a few iconic pieces that turn them into symbols of taste, elegance, and refinement. Let’s see today two evergreen pieces for men to spice up your looks!

1. Simple, Chic and Timeless: White Slim Fit Shirt and Black Fit Trousers

Every man who plays on the casual side of fashion knows that some circumstances require a more formal outfit. The simplest and most elegant one – without looking too stiff or serious – is the eternal combination of white shirt and black trousers. Here are some styling tips:

  • Make sure the shirt is crisp white, slim fit and perfectly ironed.
  • The black trousers should also be fit and impeccable.
  • If you attend a casual chic event, you can wear chinos instead of trousers.
  • Pair everything with a slim discrete leather belt.
  • For this outfit, you should wear a pair of lace-up black leather shoes: Oxford style for more formal events, Derby style for more casual events.
  • A pair of high-quality shades can complete and compliment your hot, timeless look.
  • Never forget the basic rules of wearing socks – unfortunately, many young men still make socks’ picking mistakes.

blue blazer
2. Breathtakingly Beautiful: The Navy Blue Blazer

The navy blue jacket was once upon a time the staple fashion item reserved for Ivy League preppies, club members and young Wall Street wolves trying to build a reputation. But the navy blue jacket became a timeless piece for men of all ages and walks of life – courtesy of Ralph Lauren – and today is the go-to piece for both formal and casual outfits.

  • The navy blue jacket should be neat, sharp and slim fit, even if you pick a structured or unstructured one.
  • If you want it to become your best wing man on all formal and casual occasions, pick a single-breasted blazer with a slim lapel and minimal detailing.
  • For formal occasions, match the jacket with navy blue trousers and mix in warm brown accessories (shoes, leather belt, ) and tonal or brass buttons, wristwatch and so on.
  • The navy blue jacket can spice up a formal business shirt as well as a polo shirt for more casual occasions.
  • The jacket can take you to the office, a wedding party, a night out with friends, a date or a classy restaurant – everything depends on the details.
  • For stylish summer days pair the jacket with cream or white trousers or chinos for a modern classic
  • The jacket makes you look composed and pulled-together, even when you wear it with jeans, T-shirts, and casual moccasins.

There are plenty of tips and rules to rock a navy blazer, and you should take them into consideration. After all, this iconic jacket is going to be here for a while, so why not make the best out of it?

What Other Classics Can Be Worn in Modern Times?

Besides the black/white slim fit combo and the ageless navy blue jacket, a hip young gentlemen can also sport a gray suit in a slim fit modern design, the forever hot cream trench coat, a stylish fedora, a chambray shirt and, last but not least, a pair of high-quality shades. What timeless pieces of clothing do you wear to spice up your looks in formal and casual occasions?

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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