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VAVO Share Teaser Video For Their Forthcoming Tune “No Friend Zone”



VAVO Share Teaser Video For Their Forthcoming Tune “No Friend Zone”
Canadian producers Alden Martin and Jesse Fischer formed VAVO in 2015. Initially, the duo developed an Electro House/Progressive project, allowing them to win renown in their homeland. As time went on, they took the decision to move to New York, setting their sights at the Pop/EDM mainstream scene. Eventually, their new formula seems to work as the remix for “Not A Love Song” became a radio hit. Likewise, the original, “Sleeping Alone” reached international audiences. Recently, they have shared a teaser video for their forthcoming tune, “No Friend Zone”.

Often, this expression is used by Millennials who are interacting on a daily basis with dating apps. In brief, when you are no longer a dating option, you get directly in the friend zone, and sadly there’s no longer a haunting air of romance. That said, I really like the creative concept behind this track because this is part of the modern world. Please check out the clip above and hold on to the official release date, June 29th.



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