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Video Premiere: Boys Noize feat. POLIÇA – Starchild



Today, Boys Noize reveals the video for his third track of the upcoming Mayday album, “Starchild” featuring Poliça. The video is shot by LIL INTERNET in Miami and stars Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh.

Director LIL INTERNET explains the background of the video director LIL INTERNET: “The original inspiration was a harrowing film released last year by artists Alli Coates and Signe Pierce called “American Reflexxx.” The film, which depicts a masked woman walking through Myrtle Beach with violent results, ended up showing that Frankenstein narratives of persecution and misunderstanding of the “other” can unfold very easily in real life and in real time, even today. With Alli and Signe’s inspiration- and blessing to do the video- I set up a similar scenario with Poliça in a narrative of an alien falling from space and landing in South Beach. We put her in a nude bodysuit and a clear raincoat and walked around and basically just filmed what happened. Poliça is just a naturally magnetic performer- she elicited immensely beautiful moments- and while we didn’t have a result nearly as violent as Alli and Signe’s film, we did end up capturing deep emotion and complicated responses in scenes that lie somewhere between fantasy and reality. There’s many layers you can extract from the responses we captured, and I could talk forever about them, but most importantly I have to thank Poliça for her gorgeously ethereal- and incredibly brave- performance (there were more than a few extremely uncomfortable moments for her), to Alli Coats and Signe Pierce for the inspiration and giving me the OK to do this video, and of course for Boys Noize for giving me free reign to do several videos for him over the course of this album release, all of which were adventures in themselves. I do recommend watching American Reflexxx as a counterpart to the “Starchild” video, and thinking about what both videos say about humanity and society – and if there is anything we need now more than ever, it’s empathy for the “other,” whoever the “other” is to you.”

Video Premiere: Boys Noize feat. POLIÇA - Starchild

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