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Vigiland’s “Another Shot” Got Remixed!



Vigiland's "Another Shot" Got Remixed!
Landing via Universal Sweden is another stellar single release from producers Claes Remmered Persson and Otto Pettersson, otherwise known as Vigiland, who are masters at creating viral dance hits. With ‘Shots & Squats’ and ‘Pong Dance’ securing the top spot on Spotify, their most recent tune ‘Friday Night,’ has had well over 26 million Spotify streams – the forthcoming ‘Another Shot’ is likely to follow suit.

The duo move away from some of their turbo-charged bounce house sounds with the expressive ‘Another Shot.’ Laced with emotive vocal hooks and subtle guitar work, the track builds and rises with a feel-good essence; with the lyrics even referencing their previous releases along the way.

Alongside the original sits a specially made, shimmering ESL remix, which coincides with the international gaming event in New York on September 16th and 17th. With Vigiland asked to perform at the 2016 MTV Latin Video Music Awards and ‘Shots & Squats’ used as theme tune to MTV series ‘SuperShore,’ the sounds of this explosive act continue to reach audiences all over the world.



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