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Visionary Music Group – Recording Studio & Online Mixing



Visionary Music Group - Recording Studio & Online Mixing
Visionary Music Group
studios have been the birthplace to hit songs and perfectly well albums. Their mix engineers will tune your vocals, edit your timing and use software plugins that will make your music sound like a radio-ready album. Visionary Music Groups recording studio in NJ provides the highest level of customer satisfaction, clients appreciate and concierge services. Not only do their mix engineers know how to dial in a mix, their session guitarist and music producer will provide a professional touch to your project that will cater to your desired specifications.

The professional session guitarists that are equipped with vintage guitars, amps, and effects. Including classic mics, Neve & API mic pres & the latest Pro Tools HDX system into high-end Lynx Aurora converters. They specialize in working with television, film, advertising and artists at all stages of their careers and are able to customize packages in order to suit your budget.


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