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We Are Ready For Summer With “Not Ready For Summer” By Cozmic



We Are Ready For Summer With "Not Ready For Summer" By Cozmic
It is almost summer and if you like The Chainsmokers, Cozmic’s new single, “Not Ready For Summer” is definitely for you. The vibes in this song will immediately mesmerize, especially during the dreamy intro. Cozmic’s smooth vocals are purely enchanting. The lyrics will take you back to that feeling you got the first time you fell in love when all you wanted was to spend time with that person. This is definitely one for all you festival lovers out there.

Two and a half years ago, pop vocalist, songwriter, and producer, Niche Tandon, locked himself away in a house in Venice, California, and lived like ninja. He began each morning promptly at 4:30 AM with yoga and meditation. Then, with fiery determination, he would practice and write music.

“Not Ready For the Summer” is inspired by a situation Cozmic’s good friend was going through. He explains, “She had been in a serious relationship that seemed to be going well. Though she and her boyfriend loved each other, they had different foundational values and priorities in life. I was supporting her through the ups and downs of this relationship; they ended up breaking up right before summer was starting. All her friends wanted to make fun summer plans including going to the beach, going on road-trips, hanging out, and partying, but she was not interested because she was processing this major breakup”.

The artist, who splits his time between Venice Beach and Brooklyn was on a quest to mine a new strain of pop music. A broadly resonant aesthetic brimming with soulfulness, bold artistry, integrity, intriguing musical twists, and lyrics that offer comfort and wisdom through exploring relationships and personal revelation. The music would reflect an intersection of a profound inner journey and an eclectic musical trajectory. The culmination of this creative cocooning is the Electro Pop project Cozmic.



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