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Who’s Up For Funky Dancing? Dr Jaymz Drops Remix Of “Your Love”



Dr Jaymz
Get those dancing shoes on and let’s do some funky movements. Here’s the latest remix of “Your Love” by Dr Jaymz you will be listening on repeat the entire weekend.

Besides being a DJ and producer, Dr Jaymz is also a minister who has preached to 80,000 people. Thanks to this feel-good release, he takes you back in time to the old-school days of Disco.

In just three words, the remix of “Your Love” feels danceable, catchy, and delightful. Likewise, it exudes retro vibes, but the essence of his compositions is aimed at the message of hope and love for the young generation.

With this in mind, hit the play button and pay attention to his inspiring lyrics that are highly influenced by Gospel.

According to the artist himself, this new version is as infectious as the sound of Daft Punk, Purple Disco Machine, and Basement Jaxx. Unquestionably, he’s telling you the truth straight up.

Literally, if you get the chance to hear his full repertoire, you will soon realize his mission is to offer a blissful listening experience for everyone. Not to mention, he keeps his faith alive with a positive vision.

Without further ado, Dr Jaymz is a rising Boston-based talent to keep an eye on. A new single is coming each month!



By Erick Ycaza

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