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Here Is Wingman’s Debut Album, ‘Weird New Feelings’ — LISTEN



‘Weird New Feelings’
is a collection of 8 tracks that highlights Wingman‘s lyrical prowess with brilliant storytelling, metaphors, and punchlines. The question is, is it any good? Yes, it is. The up-and-coming artist who resides in LA stays true to his Hip-Hop roots. However, he is committed to a cutting-edge sound and, of course, electronic music is part of it.

On a side note, besides being a West Coast rapper, he also pilots insane aircraft at his homeland. Overall, the album keeps casual fans of Rap entertained with constant mood changes. Indeed, it’s impressive the way he employs a fast rapping technique without running out of breath. You won’t be disappointed at all, he explores the urban life on this first material, which is also a but poppy and quite varied with no bad tunes. Listen in full ‘Weird New Feelings’ via Spotify right here.



By Erick Ycaza

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