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All Women Love “She-Ra”, An Empowerment Anthem To The Style Of Hip-Hop



All Women Love This Empowerment Anthem To The Style Of Hip-Hop, "She-Ra"
& Mavaa empower women in the new Hip-Hop track, “She-Ra”. Inventive rhymes motivate all the girls so that they can keep their self-esteem high. Despite critics from judgmental people, the key is not to play into their negativity. For sure. this feminist empowerment anthem also inspires ladies to never give up and stay strong in any circumstance. Moreover, “She-Ra” is a song that fits like a hand in glove to those hard-working women with goals, dreams, and ambitions. Definitely, these guys invite you to value your strengths and feel the fire within you. Sonically, it stands out due to the pumping urban beats which also incorporates EDM influences. Give it a listen and watch this cool lyric video below!



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