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WTF! A Monkey Went Clubbing In Dubai



Big cats and even crocodiles are all kept as pets in Dubai, but the furore over a man who took his monkey to a nightclub shows that public opinion is starting to change!

The monkey, which was dressed in a T-shirt advertising the event and had a lead around it’s neck, was held by its owner as it was pictured with the vodka bottle. The photo was used to promote a nightclub party. 

Shortly after, images of the monkey’s night out appeared on Facebook, apparently sporting the logo of the club night’s independent promoter. The resulting furore ran on Facebook and Twitter for days.

Vanity Nightclub Dubai ↓

“We would like to state that Vanity Nightclub Dubai has never ‘knowingly’ allowed nor will allow any animals into our premises. Concerning the incident that occurred last Tuesday, the 27th January 2013, the owner along with his animal, were immediately removed from the premises once staff were alerted. The owner and his party that attended on the night have been banned from ever entering the venue again.”
And here’s a short video of this mischievous monkey.

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