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Wutam Interview 2016



Wutam Interview 2016

The Dubstep/Trap/Bass scene is constantly evolving in the electronic music world for the last decade. We got a chance to interview an artist who is currently focused on this cool music style. His name is Wutam, a talented DJ and producer with an extensive experience in music since the 90s. Learn all about Wutam below!!!

1 – How long have you been DJing and producing?

I started DJing in October of 1993 and producing around 1999, I graduated from Dubspot in 2015 which has taken my producing into the next level.

2 – What skills do you need in order to become a music producer?

A strong will to learn and a decent computer. With technology today, it has made things easier to get started, you can get an app for almost any instrument to help you learn, it’s pretty awesome.

3 – We know you started your music journey listening to rock and heavy metal music. Have you ever been part of band?

I was a part of a couple bands a few years back but we never got past the practice stage, just too many people to try and get on one schedule, I don’t know how bands today do it, hats off to them.

4 – Tell Me about the production process of your latest single “The Intrinsic”. Why is this track so special?

This is the first time I’ve used a vocalist; it’s not something that I twisted or chopped up from a sample pack. It all original vocals from Messinian; not only does his lyrics spit fire but he’s one of the coolest and nicest guys in the industry.

5 – What do you think is the next musical trend in EDM?

ElectroTechBassTangoStep! Ha!! I’m not sure what it will be since the scene is continuously growing, however, good music is timeless and will always prevail.

6 – What inspires your personal fashion style?

I tend to go for the things others wouldn’t wear, not so much on purpose, just kind of seems to happen that way; I do get a lot of inspiration from the 80’s; I guess if I had to label my style I’d call it neon punk rock.

7 – What are your feelings around celebrities that are claiming superstar DJ status, like Elijah Wood and Paris Hilton?

It is what it is – but it does say (IMO) how far the scene has come when movie stars and whatever Paris does, wants to be a DJ – the only problem with it I see is they need to bill it like this – Superstar, DJ.

8 – What’s the best way to brand yourself as a DJ in the current market?

To me it’s about taking something you like and finding a way to make it part of your image and music, making it a part of who you are in everything you do.

9 – What’s the name of your next single? Is it another Dubstep track?

It’s going to be called – Wutam – Breakin the Rules feat. Snoop Dogg – it’s more of a trap step sound and I can’t wait to share it!

10 – Wise words to new DJs?

Keep learning and inspiring to be more and if you truly love what you do; stick with it.



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