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XJ Jack Interview 2015



XJ Jack Interview 2015
In my view, XJ Jack is one of the youngest and hottest music producers of the moment, that has roots in the Electronica music genre. Now, XJ Jack is finally putting his name front and forward with his upcoming debut studio album, ‘Scorpion’. And if you want, you can read this interesting interview below and learn more from him. A fresh artist, with a bright future ahead!

1 – When did you start producing music?

I first started producing music 4 years ago when I was 16. But I have been in the music scene since I was 14 just couldn’t produce my own music then but playing and experimenting with sounds.

2 – What influences you to create a track?

Almost anything can inspire me to produce a track. Something that happened to me, something that happened to someone else. A nice concert, a beautiful place actually even a car ride can inspire me to produce a song. Life is my muse.

3 – Do you ever listen to a song and feel like you need to take something away?

Well sometimes. Well you know you can’t exactly say it’s ‘taking something away’ but yeah I am sometimes like ‘Oh, this effect is really cool, oh that’s a very edgy style, wow that lyric was deep’… etc. And I try to reflect it on some of my music. I would never blatantly copy someone’s style tho.

4 – If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Ahh, this is a really good question. I would die to collaborate with The Prodigy, they are totally my musical heroes. I was at the Open’er festival ’15 and during their set I even hurt my back from jumping to their songs, crazy right? I would also love to collaborate with artists such as Susanne Sundfor, Yolandi Vasser, Röyksopp and Justice. Amazing people out there.

5 – Your recent collab with Abby Holden has become very popular, how did that come together?

Actually the funny thing is “Melancholia” is a very very old beat that I have made in 2012. It was originally called “No Religion” but then we changed it. So I had this beat, I was going through my library and just came across to Melancholia and I was like ‘I have to use this one, it’s still fresh.’ So I made some phonecalls, contacted Abby and we made the song. I wrote the lyrics in like 10 minutes and it took only 2 minutes for Abby to co-write it. It was a really organic process and we both love the song.

6 – And what do you want to say to your fans with “Melancholia”?

Well Melancholia has a deep meaning acually. It’s talking about the very next day you lose someone really important to you and that empty feeling in your heart. The song can refer to anything and anyone. Anything and anyone we lose.

7 – Are you planning to release an album this year?

Yes. My very first full lenght studio album ‘Scorpion’ will be released this year. I can’t tell the exact date because it’s taking us some time to complete everything and I really want this album to be perfect. But definitey 2015. Anytime now, just watch out for it.

8 – What kind of sound can we expect from that album?

While producing ‘Scorpion’ I went back to my punk Electro/Electronica roots. For a long time I produced songs like “Melancholia” and left my original genre which was actually a crossover between rave music and punk electro. So ‘Scorpion’ is an Electro record, lots of hard kicks, evil bass and mesmerizing synths. It’s a movement, a concept album. You will love it, believe me.

9 – What is the one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

I’m just 20 and already produced more than 300 songs and worked more than 30 artists. I am also very short in person. I am just 5.6, I am like a little rocket person full of energy and music. Oh and also I am a very obsessive over almost anything related to my career. I sometimes can’t sleep till 8 am to produce the song I want or to write the lyrics I want.

10 – Your new track “Scorpions In My Pocket” feat. Baron has catch some insterest online. What can we expect from the single and its music video?

“Scorpions in My Pocket” is definitely one of the best tracks I have ever worked on. It was also a really organic process, I had this melody in my mind for a long time and I just produced it in almost an hour. Then I have found Baron on Soundcloud and thought he was really cool and very interesting as an artist. I just wanted to work with him and we shared mutual feelings about our artistic styles so it all worked out in the end. I am still very happy to have Baron as an artist in my life and my album, he is an amazig person and a very hardworking artist. For the music video I have worked with Melih Bora, a Turkish director who has worked on many major projects before. We are still shooting some scenes with Baron and the cast. It’s a really fun, weird and colorful music video.The concept is unique and it also has a storyline in it, a story I wanted to tell people about my life and it goes well with the music so. Stay tuned, it will be amazing!

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