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You Gotta Dance To It! Alice Offley Releases Disco-Pop Single “POUR”



Alice Offley is an authentic artist from the UK who has the incredible power to evoke frenzied emotions among Disco-Pop fans. Besides being the cousin of Dusty Springfield, she’s also toured internationally with big stars including Thompson Twins, Tricky, and Cyndi Lauper.

Her latest funk-filled single “POUR, harks back to the late 70s contagious sound that makes you feel like dancing.

And another track I would recommend from her amazing catalog has to be “Disc-oh!.” Furthermore, after lockdown, she’s been exploring a solo path within the indie sphere.

In particular, Alice Offley serves one purpose at present, and it’s solely to offer feel-good moments through her upbeat jams.


Backed by the enthusiasm and genuine passion for groovy bass and guitar riffs, she’s surfing the wave of Disco-Pop like no other contemporary female singer has ever done before.

Most importantly, “POUR” showcases her sophisticated, seductive, and sexy vocals.

With sugar-sweet tones you can tell love is in the air, and that’s exactly what these lyrics are all about.

Additionally, when she isn’t writing new tunes, you may have the luck to see her singing and playing the piano in London bars.

Well, no matter what she does, it’s evident Alice is a diva in the making.



By Erick Ycaza

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