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Discover Your Next Favorite Electronica Producer — Luke Spillane



Discover Your Next Favorite Electronica Producer — Luke Spillane
Born in Leeds, UK, Luke Spillane is already making a name for himself as an indie Electronica producer. Beyond electronic beats and synth-heavy sounds, his music is highly influenced by Rock. Partially this is due to the fact he has played in different bands for almost 20 years. Not for nothing, the tracks on his 2018 album, ‘The Salt Of The Earth’ were built around pummeling drums and outrageous energy. Furthermore, the rebellious rock and roll spirit and attitude can be felt in his vocals. Here the rhythm doesn’t follow a certain pattern, on the contrary, he plays his own rules based on experimental soundscapes.

Among other things, Luke has spent time studying physics and computer networking in the past. Actually, he enjoys the scientific aspect of sounds and frequencies, implementing his knowledge in his productions. By the way, he has played on stage along with big names like Ian Brown and George Clinton. As a family man, he counts on the support of his wife, who is always present at his live shows. Indeed, Luke is planning to tour the UK in 2020, so stay tuned!



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