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5 End-Of-The-Year Company Party Ideas For Your Music Team



company party ideas
It’s time to host the end-of-the-year company party. And if you’re in charge of planning, you have a lot on your plate.

These events can be stressful to plan, and you want to offer your music team an enjoyable and memorable experience without spreading yourself (or the company budget) too thin. However, there are a few ways to simplify planning a successful company event.

Music industry workers always appreciate a well-planned event, whether a live show or a virtual meetup. Check out these five company party ideas your music team is sure to rave about.

1. Surprise Them With a Magic Show

We’ve all heard of the incredible exploits of famous magicians like David Copperfield or the duo of Seigfried and Roy. While it may take an actual magic spell to hire either of these acts, there are undoubtedly top-caliber magicians prepared to entertain your music team all night.

Consider employing an act like Seth Neustein – Magician and Mentalist based out of Pittsburgh, PA and available nationwide. While some performers stick to a strict routine with little flexibility, Seth Neustein provides entertainment and wonder based on your event’s specific needs. It will be a nice reward for your team’s hard work all year long.

2. Offer Lasting Memories With a Photo Booth

Some things never go out of style, and photo booths are no exception. Whether you’re having a coat and tie soiree or a business casual get-together, there’s nothing more universally appealing than a photo booth.

And, a dress code doesn’t have to limit the fun at your event. Props make any photoshoot unique and memorable. You can even find photo booths that provide retro-inspired filters if you think your team would enjoy that.

3. Jazz Night Out

If you work in the music industry, it’s nice to give your team a night out for a change. There’s a huge range of musical acts you can bring to your events. It all depends on what atmosphere you’re looking to establish.

Live instrumental or vocal jazz can class up any event. Suits are not required but certainly help the atmosphere! Jazz bands are well-versed in playing the room, providing everything from perfect background music to taking requests or adding excitement to the setting.

4. Virtual Invites

Nowadays, many employees work remotely. Make them feel included in the party, no matter where they’re based, by inviting them to a virtual event. They will still enjoy the magic show or jazz presentation, even if it is virtual. It’s a nice touch they’re sure to appreciate.

If the event includes speakers or other presentations, make sure also to include some hands-on activities to keep engagement and interaction strong. Let your music-loving teamwork on a collaborative playlist or find online activities to keep the social aspect strong, even virtually.

5. Employees’ Choice

You can hire top-tier acts and serve the tastiest food, but considering what your employees want will be a surefire way to make your musical family feel heard and appreciated.

You may already have a finger on the pulse of your employees’ interests and want to surprise them. But there’s nothing wrong with involving them directly in the process. Start a doodle poll or ask around the office for opinions.

This can help you decide if they would rather have live entertainment like a magician or if they’d like to go out for the night.

Memorable Events For Your Music Team

The best company events are the most memorable. If you’re struggling to find ways to connect to your audience, there are some quick fixes. Determine whether you want to hire live acts like mentalists or musicians or find fun activities for your music team to take part in.

Connecting with your employees and clients is worth the time and effort to get right. Follow our 5 tips to throw the next best event that everyone is sure to be talking about while they look forward to the next one! Include one (or several) to keep everyone entertained.

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