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A Guide To Electric Fishing Reels



A Guide To Electric Fishing Reels
Electric fishing reels are the modern addition to ease a fisherman’s work. They function differently than manual fishing reels. With these electric reels, you can enjoy your full comfort without worrying about cranking and length of the line.

Benefits of electric reels

Electric reels have LCD display system that allows you to know the depth and time of retrieval.

Even a disabled person or one armed person can go fishing with electric reels as they are easy to use and requires less effort than manual ones. You just have to go angling; the reels will do the rest of the job.

The drag system electric reels are wonderful. It automatically handles the line when you drag it. Heavy fishes in deep water won’t be trouble for you to fish with these electric reels.

Electric reels can handle heavy weights. So don’t worry if you want to catch some big fishes. You don’t have to crank those heavy loads up.

Even when you get tired, you can allow the reels to do your job. You only have to press a switch. Now you can enjoy the scenarios and calm atmosphere while your fishing reels will do the fishing. When you are again up for some fish fighting, turn the handle and switch back to manual mode.

How to choose electric fishing reels

When you are about to get electric fishing reels for yourself, consider the water depth of wherever you may go fishing. Also, the size and weight of fishes do matter. You have to keep in mind these two facts to get suitable reels for your purpose. Reels that can hold up to the water depth under the pressure of heavyweight fishes will be best for deep sea fishing.

Check the LCD display system. It should be one that allows you a clear display even from a good distance. And, check if you can see it clearly from different suitable angles.

Check the body and material it is made of. Try to buy those made of stainless still, aluminum or graphite. These reels come in a variety of weights. Different reels have different line capacity, line per crank, the maximum limit of drag it can handle. Check all these specs to get the perfect one for your needs.

Check the quality. Buy those with extended durability. Also, buy the ones with more number of high-quality ball bearings, and a higher gear ratio.


You will find a lot of varieties in electric reels, and every type may cost differently. Electric reels are costlier than manual reels, but they save much of your time and strength. You will get them at a price ranging from 350 to 4000 dollars.

Looking at the price range, you might have understood by now; there are hundreds of models with different specifications available in local and online stores.

The battery

Of course, as these reels are electronic devices, they need the power to operate. Most electric reels can function adequately with 12 to 24V battery. The capacity of the reels will be given in the product description of it.

You can use the boats power supply also.

The stores also provide fully charged power packs or batteries which can be used to supply power to the reels.


When you use those reels, use rods according to the weight of fish you are about to catch. Heavyweight fishes will require stronger rod than average ones.

These reels do not bother you much about maintenance except that you have to clean the parts once in a while so that the reel stays long durable.

These reels consume quite a good amount of power so if you do fishing for a whole day, keep 12V or bigger sized batteries.

That’s all about electric reels. Till now you have known how comfortable and cool they are to use. They not only ease your job but also let you enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the deep sea. So grab your electric reels now and enjoy that deep sea fishing more and more. Trust me, the money you spend to get one is worth paying. Go, do some big game fishing with those excellent reels!

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