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Interview | Questions & Answers With Shadow Of Whales



Interview | Questions & Answers With Shadow Of Whales
In an interview with Shadow Of Whales, the band talked about their beginnings, the uncertain future and, of course, their vision on the new promotional single “Runaway”. All this information and much more right here!

1 – Why did you choose the name ‘Shadow Of Whales’?

JD: A long time ago, I had a dream that I was walking downtown and I suddenly noticed whales floating & swimming in the sky. One of them blotted out the sun and cast me in its shadow. It was incredibly humbling being in the presence of such a magnificent and gentle giant. I woke up still feeling that humble presence and decided to write a poem. Shadow of Whales for us is a reminder that music and life is about something bigger and better than us. It’s about showing others that peace and love that I experienced in the presence of the whale and inspiring and encouraging others to show peace and love to others in their lives.

2 – When did this project start?

Josh: Shadow of Whales was officially formed in summer of 2013. It was a slow start but once we clicked it got moving pretty quick. We immediately got to writing, recording, and then made a video to enter at a Dell computers competition and won a slot playing in front of thousands of people our first show in December that same year.

3 – What is the best part of being a band?

Jeremy: Is all of it an acceptable answer? Seriously, every last bit from the highs you get playing on stage and seeing peoples face light up when a song resonates with them to the lows you experience when your van breaks down in the middle of an intersection in a town you’re not familiar with. I wouldn’t trade any of it.

4 – What is the worst part of being a band?

Jeremy: In my opinion, there just isn’t a worst part.

5 – Can you tell us the backstory of your new single “Runaway”?

Caleb: Runaway is almost like an extension of “Dream” from our first EP. Or… I guess more like the prequel. “Dream” is unashamedly and rightly optimistic, ambitious and positive. Some people can hear dream and say, “yes! I am going to pursue my dream” while others will hear “Dream” and they might feel the weight of their lives while they also feel the yearning in their souls to progress. “Runaway” comes from a much darker place with a similar message. It’s more about breaking free of vices and anchors to pursue whatever happiness means for the listener; whereas Dream is a lot more carefree, Runaway is more honest about how important it is to live life to the fullest while also realizing that life might not be that easy and things don’t always change in an instant. We wrote Runaway to cast a wider net and reach people in any stage of their life to know they’re not alone. We hear you, we see you and we believe in you.

6 – Where did you film the music video? What are some funny anecdotes you remember?

JD: We filmed the Runaway music with the very talented Joy Flores of Fox & Florals Media. We used several different locations, from the beautiful 360 bridge in Austin, to Mount Bonnel and Barton Springs. As fun as it was, we came across several hurdles, namely, the weather. I remember trudging through the mud trying to see through the hair and rain to get to the spring for the last shot, only to turn back in defeat. We were on a pretty tight schedule and having to turn back in that old van, soaked head to toe in rain water and disappointment was not the way any of us were hoping for the day to go. But at the end of the day, we have a heck of a team and I’m proud of each of them for pulling through in spite of the difficulties. We want to use that experience to encourage our listeners, because out of all of the struggle something beautiful was made, because we chose not to give up.

7 – How does “Runaway” differ from your previous songs?

Chris: Runaway was the song that set the tone for the rest of the songs we wrote. It was also one of those songs that just came together so organically and effortlessly. Its had a couple changes but the meat of the song was something that happened almost overnight. Runaway has this presence that just resonates with people too. Not only on the album but live. By far a fan favorite live.

shadow of whales interview
8 – Have you already chosen the next single for 2018?

Jeremy: To be determined 😉 We have some meetings and writing sessions in January that will tell us more hopefully soon.

9 – Are you playing live anytime soon?

Jeremy: We are playing live in Texas very soon but are just shy of being able to announce anything yet.

10 – What advice or tips would you give to a newbie band?

Jeremy: First, find your “WHY?” If you can clearly define your why and all of the band members are on the same page, everything can stem from there and things become a lot easier. Second, don’t ever give up on your dreams. Third, follow us on Twitter and let’s be friends.



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