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A Quick Guide To Buying A Leather Jacket



A Quick Guide To Buying A Leather Jacket
Some items in your wardrobe can be seen as an investment – a fitted suit for men, a little black dress for women. However, for both men and women, a good quality, well chosen leather jacket is the ultimate investment. Not only should it be so versatile, you can wear it for practically any occasion, if it is made from high-quality leather, you can expect it to last a lifetime and beyond.

With so much pressure on your leather jacket to live up to these high expectations, choosing the right one can seem like an overwhelming decision, so read on for a little guidance on buying your perfect leather jacket.

Know Your Leather

There are a number of different grades of leather, so it’s good to know the grade before you buy. The grades of leather include:

● Full-grain – this is the highest quality leather, but due to its texture, it is not always the best choice for lightweight jackets. It is a thick leather which retains its natural grain, so has a certain authenticity to it.
● Top grain – this is a high-quality grade of leather which has had the outer layer removed, making it softer and more flexible. This means that it is often used for jackets.
● Corrected – this leather is buffed to remove the natural imperfections before a fake pattern is embossed on its surface. This leather tends to be thinner and weaker than higher quality grains.
● Bonded – bonded leather can also be referred to as reconstituted leather as it is made from shredded leather offcuts which are then bonded back together with a plastic coating.

know your leather
Pick Your Style

Leather jackets come in a range of different styles, although the most popular styles are biker and bomber.

● Biker jacket – the biker jacket is often styled with buckles and zips, and will sometimes feature an open lapel style around the neckline. It can zip up down the centre or to one side.
● Bomber jacket – the bomber jacket is often a more simple design compared to the bicker jacket. It is often gathered at the sleeves and waist and sometimes features a collar which is often lined with a material such as fur or wool.

leather jackets
Choose Your Colour

While leather jackets are often found in black or brown, there are plenty of other colours available.This means that you can easily find a jacket that will reflect your personality and that you will love for years to come.

This chic Vero Moda Royce Suede Biker Jacket from Lakeland Leather is pictured here in azalea pink, but can also be found in allure blue and mustard yellow, showing just how versatile these jackets can be.jacket azalea pink

Love Your Choice

Lastly, once you have chosen the perfect leather jacket for you, you should love it! As leather jackets can be such a big investment, you should be totally happy with your choice before you purchase. Although, with so many fantastic designs to choose from, you may find it tough to narrow it down to just one!

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