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Interview | Questions & Answers With Kim Free



Interview | Questions & Answers With Kim Free
Kimberly Anne, who records as Kim Free got into classical music at an early age and since then she has gradually developed her own eclectic style. Her vocals are soft and delicate while her lyrics always tell a story we can relate to. In the following interview, you can discover her past, present, and future. Check this out!

1 — How did you discover your passion for violins?

I began playing when I was 5 years old. Everyone in my dad’s family is a musician, so when I got my first violin on my 5th birthday, it was a sort of right of passage. I took to it instantly but didn’t get really into it until I was about 10 or 11, when I started buying CDs. That’s when I got into violinists like Leila Josefowicz and Midori, and their music turned my whole world around. From that point on, violin would always be a deep part of my life.

2 — What about DJing? What music styles do you play in your sets?

I love all music, so I play a mix of goth, punk, and classic rock. But what I actually DJ the most is oldies. I used to work the 7” section at a record store called Amoeba. Working the 7” section exposed me to all kinds of music, and I found so many gorgeous obscure oldies tunes, so whenever I DJ, I always like to share them.

3 — Singing and writing songs are your other two passions. Which one do you enjoy the most? Why?

I definitely enjoy writing songs the most. Songwriting is my favorite thing to do musically. It’s like fitting a puzzle together that turns into a beautiful painting. I’m obsessed with it. I love to sing, but it actually takes a lot of work and practice for me to sing, because I wasn’t always a singer. I didn’t start singing until I had to, like in my twenties, because I needed someone to sing the songs I wrote. So songwriting definitely paved the way for me to sing.

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4 — Do you think Classical music and EDM could go hand in hand if combined?

Well, maybe it’s not an obvious fit, but when done tastefully, strings and classical instruments are always nice to add in. I love when Disco songs incorporate strings, it makes it seem instantly classic as if the song is referencing the past to create a timeless piece of music.

5 — You have just dropped the ‘MIAMI RMXS’ EP. Who participated in this new project?

Robert Eibach, r.r.barbadas, and Micah James. r.r. barbadas and Micah James are friends of mine, but Robert Eibach and I met on Twitter lol. We both liked some of the same things and struck up a conversation, one thing led to another, and he ended up remixing “Miami”. The original song is produced by Alex DeGroot, who I used to play with in Zola Jesus. The song features my good friends Allen Bleyle (Apple Brains) on bass, and Brian Hill on drums (Wavves).

6 — Are you offering remixes of varying electronic genres?

Yes, each remix is a totally different genre. Robert Eibach’s remix is a classic EDM track. r.r. barbadas’s remix is more of an Industrial mix, in the style of Chris and Cosey and Adult. Micah James remix is more dreamy and Experimental. They are all great, I love them!

7 — What inspired you to write the lyrics of “Miami”?

I’m not exactly sure, it just came to me. I kept singing it early one morning and it quickly became a song.

8 — In your opinion, what’s the best thing to do in Miami and what’s your favorite place in this city?

I’ve actually never been to Miami! But if I could go, I would definitely get set up on the beach right away.

kim free los angeles
9 — Are you already working on a third album or more EPs?

Yes! I have two albums that are complete, but I’m waiting to release them until I can get some money together to release them on vinyl and cassette. Both records feature classical violin pieces, solo songs, and pop songs with my friends Allen and Brian in the band. The latest record was produced by Tabor Allen from Cherry Glazerr. Hopefully, I’ll find a way to get them out soon!

10 — Finally, what else can we be expecting from you this year?

My new record ‘Slips’ will be out later this year on vinyl! That’s the record that was produced by Alex DeGroot and features Miami. It will be available for pre-order on Bandcamp soon. 🙂



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