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“A Voyeur’s Eyes” An Exciting Release In The Melodic Techno Scene



melodic techno
Jakub Sapka is a fresh face in the circle of Polish electronic music producers, since 2018 using the stage name Sterilephobia. The artist believes that the melodic Techno style, around which he tries to focus his work, requires the listener to focus, engage and confront their sensitivity.

Sterilephobia’s latest single, “A Voyeur’s Eyes, was officially released on October 19th.A track with strong club potential.

The multi-layered melodic line intertwines with the drum section and bass line, and the drum machines familiar to all Techno fans provide a nice feeling of interacting with something we’ve heard before.

The melodic layer, referring to retro stylistics, also draws attention.

“When creating music I am inspired by images, sounds, and events from life,” says Jakub Sapka. “After passing them through my subjective “filter” of my own sensitivity, a concept of music characterized by various emotions, states of mind that each of us will experience in our lives is created.”

“A Voyeur’s Eyes” is a piece aimed at seekers of music that tells its own story. Available on all major streaming platforms.



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