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It’s Kind Of Nostalgic… Action Slacks Cover Powderfinger’s Rock Classic



Action Slacks
Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Action Slacks give a modern twist to a certified Rock classic from Powderfinger. Certainly, the new synth soundscape of “Waiting For The Sun” triggers feelings of nostalgia.

To begin with, irresistible sexy vocals and electronic textures are the main elements that set this version apart from the original. Furthermore, hypnotic/dreamy atmospherics continue to define their genuine style.

Generally speaking, they don’t go away with the intrinsic nature of guitar acoustics. One way or another, it’s slightly rockish in your mind.

Give it a try via Spotify right here.

In either case, there’s a clear influence of the 80s, and you’ll love how it paints a scene of people slow dancing to the melancholic groove.

Beyond the fact that this track pays homage to an iconic group emerging from their homeland, it also represents the cutting-edge direction they took through the ‘Voids’ EP.

Naturally, Action Slacks add an entirely new dimension to “Waiting For The Sun,” while showcasing their own essence. Altogether, these independent artists assure it sounds good enough to keep anyone occupied for almost three minutes.

At the end of the day, the heart and soul of true artistic expression have to do with transforming what already exists.



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