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Alisa Fox Returns With Intense Techno Beats On “Come With Me”



Female DJ and producer Alisa Fox is back! Your body will automatically move to the intense Techno beats once you hear her newest club weapon “Come With Me, which is as danceable as her debut single “Freedom.

Speaking about everything from the sexy vocals to the ravey acid lines, the German artist brings you euphoric moments. In fact, I strongly believe when a track makes you throw your hands up in the air, it’s a sign of high-quality production.

Techno beats

Certainly, evoking an emotional or physical response in listeners isn’t a simple task. Nonetheless, Alisa Fox possesses the ability to connect with her audience quickly through her personal style-crafted heavy kicks.

Furthermore, Alisa Fox makes clear how the game has changed. DJs are no longer just dudes, women are killing it and getting the recognition they deserve.

They are equally capable and talented and as the electronic music scene keeps evolving there are more opportunities for female DJs to explore and showcase their own skills. A perfect example is “Come With Me,” which displays Alisa Fox’s full musical palette while she tries new things in a genuine way.

If Techno beats are your thing, then stay alert for upcoming releases via her socials below.



By Erick Ycaza

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