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Andrew Mancilla Can Keep You Entertained With His Music!



Andrew Mancilla Can Keep You Entertained With His Pop Music!
Andrew Mancilla
conjures that heady mix of pheromones, cocktails, and infectious beats that envelope you in a dance club. His soulful falsetto leads the charge through a fantasyland. “Ultimately, my new record Subtractive Color, is about fun, love, and youthful excitement. It’s about taking a limited set of emotions and creating a broad spectrum of vividly intense ones. Thus, the title.”

A pre-fame Lady Gaga was a creative catalyst for Andrew. Despite showing promise early on as an adept multi-instrumentalist, versatile and competent on trumpet, baritone sax, piano, and guitar, he lacked focus and discipline. The pair casually worked together while attending NYU. “During college, I was floating, searching for what I wanted to do. She had her stuff together and it inspired me,” Andrew recalls.

The 10-track album bursts open with, “Rewire,” an intoxicating slice of sleek R&B. Other standouts include “It Wasn’t Me,” the silken slow-burn jam which, features upcoming hip-hop artist Decora whose vocals bring a vulnerability to the song’s engrossing narrative. “That is about the follies of young love—missteps in relationships that can poison them forever.” Andrew’s playfulness as a lyricist is in full swagger on “Tell Her” which he opens with the line: I ain’t her type/but I ain’t afraid/She’s asks for a light/ I gave her my name. “I Can’t Believe Her” is a retro-futuristic delight that hits that sweet spot between the Jackson 5 and Justin Timberlake.

Andrew is taking Subtractive Color on the road with select dates in the northeast and a performance at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Listen to “Rewire” & “It Wasn’t Me” from Subtractive Color here:



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