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CodeBlue 414’s New Song “I’m Not” Is Now Streaming!



CodeBlue 414's New Song "I'm Not" Is Now Streaming!
CodeBlue 414 
is one of the first Punk bands to come out of East Harlem, NYC. These guys are currently promoting their new song “I’m Not” which is part of their first demo entitled ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’. Despite my strong feelings about dance and electronic music, surprisingly, I ended up liking this tune. First of all, I would say it was a rewarding experience to listen its organic/natural-sounding.

Pay attention to the vocals delivered with the right Punk/Rock attitude. It was also interesting how they added bright piano keys, drums and the outstanding guitar-driven melody into their sound, while still promoting the individual freedom portrayed in the lyrics. If you like what you hear, simply check out more on their Facebook page.

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