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Android Slot App Vs iOS Mobile Application



android slot app vs ios
The advent of touch screen mobile phones has made it easier for slot game lovers to play their favorite online slot games via mobile phone at any convenient time, engaging in little or no stress. Most touch screen mobile phones have either iOS (Apple) or Android (Google) as their operating system, and users of any of these operating systems can download and enjoy any slot app of their choice.

Both operating systems are owned by different companies, and there has always been a fight for market dominance between them – learn more here. This fight for market dominance has crept into the gaming world; both companies have different policies when it comes to downloading online casino games. This article will shed more light on operating systems as well as comparing and juxtaposing them.

Android Slot App

We have some slot games that are Android-based, but you are not likely to find real-money gaming applications in the Google store. A large number of countries using Android-based operating systems on their phone tend not to enjoy real-money gaming except for few countries like Ireland, France, and Uk focused casinos. So if you are from one of the restricted countries, you will definitely have no access to real-money gaming but to the “freemium” slot app in the Google play store while downloading. When you want to begin the downloading process, watch out for casinos that feature Android app that can be downloaded on Android devices.

iOS Mobile Application

Ios mobile application has more real-money gaming on their website, and most countries can access this without restrictions. iOS slot games are designed in iOS native language instead of in HTML apps that are cheaper. Most mobile operators have no problem using the native programming language.

Android Slot App And iOS Mobile Application Compared

The noticeable differences between Android and iOS-based slot games come in when users are trying to download slot games. Android is available on a broader range of devices, and this has made some casinos more worried about designing their sites for Android users than they are worried for iOS clients. Android Slot app is more accessible than an iOS app because Android is found on more devices as Google doesn’t restrict its operating system to a single phone. Also, the Android slot app gives you enough access to more browser-based sites you can access anytime in case you don’t want apps taking up your phone storage. One thing that has given the iOS mobile application an edge is real-money gaming which cannot be found on the Android version for slot games. Users of the iOS mobile app don’t have to wait for freebies or freemium before playing games.


One good similarity of both operating systems is that it gives casino lovers their desired satisfaction of gaming as there are a lot of games that can be found on both iOS applications and Android applications. Playing on either Android or iOS apps doesn’t reduce the fun derived. Both the Android slot app and iOS slot app features quality graphics and animations when you’re playing mobile casino games. Also, a lot of app-less casinos platforms are available on both Android and iOS devices.

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