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‘Target Practice Vol. 1,’ Solid Hip-Hop Beats Built To Kill Sound Systems



solid Hip-Hop beats A.I.M Productions
One of the greatest Hip-Hop minds in Detroit, A.I.M Productions drops ‘Target Practice Vol. 1 across all streaming platforms. He showcases much more than just a rattle of gunshots. Indeed, you can tell he has put some extra love on these 12 instrumental pieces. Somehow, the artist incorporates the old into the new as he experiments with vintage movie samples. As a result, there’s a cinematic feel to it. Not for nothing, it’s easily one of his finest works to date due to the combination of bombastic and Lo-fi sound effects.

If you do not fear the bullets, then listen to ‘Target Practice Vol. 1’ with a beast sound system, and prepare to go into a tense action-packed movie with your imagination!

Notwithstanding its context about gun culture, most of these melodies are designed in a subtle chilled out way. Overall, it’s an all-powerful atmosphere generator, which validates his 20 years of experience in the independent music scene. Stylistically fearless, his singular vision does not make use of a flow of rhymes, on the contrary, drums, bass, and synths do their magic.

Without further ado, there’s no need to keep your fingers crossed for solid Hip-Hop beats from A.I.M Productions. He’s stepping into similar gems on the upcoming release, ‘Vacancy,’ out on April 17th, 2021.



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