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Singer & Songwriter Andy Macktastic Will Put You In A Good Mood



Andy Mackstatic
There are different types of upbeat songs on the world wide web, but the ones that Andy Macktastic creates will definitely put you in a good mood. Hailing from Rhode Island, the newbie singer, and songwriter has demonstrated since last year the positive vibes that surround his compositions. He grew up playing the piano and listening to his Pop idols, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, Max Martin, Dua Lipa, Tom Jones, among others. On two occasions, he has sung the national anthem for sporting events and so far, he has achieved different awards in vocal talent contests. In fact, once you hear his best feel-good track, “Dance Starter”, you can tell his voice has a distinctive charm.

Needless to say, Andy’s mission is to bring happiness and optimism back to listeners. Besides singing, he has a strong passion for songwriting too. He knows how to add the proper emotions to his lyrics. Incredibly, his words convey feelings, plus building images and sensations. Moreover, he is able to transport you to his fantasy world with his excellent narrative. One of his biggest dreams is to be a songwriter for other artists, and I truly think he’s on the right path.



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