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ATLiens Prepare For Invasion With Their New Release “Interstellar”



ATLiens Prepare For Invasion With Their New Release "Interstellar"
A mysterious dup by the name of ATLiens have been infiltrating the airwaves with their notorious blend of funky, experimental bass and they have just dispatched their next weapon. Titled “Interstellar”, it opens with deceptively soft, melodic chords coupled with Sara Skinner’s smooth, almost wistful vocals. The dynamic changes swiftly with the onslaught of heavy-hitting percussion and robotic synths that take the track to the next galaxy. “Interstellar” is positioned to be the premiere EP off of ATLiens’ much-anticipated first EP “Invasion,” which has been meticulously in the works for the past year. Knowing what precious little information is available about this space-age duo, rest assured that the EP is going to make major waves on planet Earth.


Prior to the release of “Interstellar”, there have been several suspected ATLiens sightings around the globe. They were spotted wearing their signature silver masks while tearing up stages in Australia last year and in the United States early in 2018, so it’s only a matter of time before they make their next touchdown. After releasing the hard-hitting “Watch Out” featuring the Ragga Twins and “Malfunction” with TYNAN, ATLiens have created a buzz about their music that is only increasing in volume. “Interstellar” is arguably their most catchy single yet, which hints at the caliber of their upcoming EP. Stay tuned for more signals from ATLiens and their “Invasion” EP very soon.


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