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Making Your Smile Even Brighter



Making Your Smile Even Brighter
A smile typically represents someone’s logo. It illuminates your face and makes it more beautiful and appealing to everyone around you. A smile also guarantees you a younger look. AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) asserts that an otherwise soured smile due to yellow or damaged teeth will make you appear older and unattractive. Your smile is probably the best asset you got and in order for you to achieve a beautiful smile, you need to adopt mechanisms that will help you with that.

You can make your smile beautiful through many ways and the best way guaranteed to work is consulting with a cosmetic dentist to enable you take the correct measures. You can visit Image Dental to get all your cosmetic dental needs fulfilled.

Here are ways to make your smile brighter:

Floss your Teeth Daily

You should brush your teeth every day to ensure your teeth are clean when you smile. Go even further by brushing your teeth after every meal. You should then place major emphasis on flossing your teeth. It is difficult to remove bacteria build up between your teeth even with the best toothbrush or mouthwash hence flossing is important. Tobacco or foods that accumulate between your teeth cause stains and end up destroying your smile.

Do not Eat or Drink Foods that will Stain your Teeth

There are varieties of foods that can stain your white teeth. Acidic foods like lemons are capable of weakening the enamel in your teeth and allow bacteria that cause cavity to thrive. Sugary drinks like sodas and candy will destroy your teeth by causing discoloration, which forms white bright spots on them, and tooth decay. Dental experts state that tea, coffee and wine stain teeth the most. The use of tobacco also stains teeth. You should avoid these to keep your teeth white and stay with a beautiful smile.

Stain your Teeth
Turn to Professional Teeth Bleaching

Dentists use a high concentration of whitening agents and include laser technology to penetrate your teeth and to provide a better whitening effect. This procedure takes not more than an hour. This treatment requires follow-ups and continuous bleaching from your home using white strips and custom made bleaching trays to get your desired outcome. You can also use over the counter whitening agents but it is advisable that you consult your dentist before trying out any products.

Increase your Vitamin C and Calcium Intake

Once your teeth are clean and white you should ensure that they are strong. You need Calcium to strengthen your jawbone, adult and baby teeth. You can get Calcium from foods like cheese, low-fat milk and green, leafy vegetables like cabbage. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to prevent bacteria that cause diseases and repair tissues. You can get Vitamin C from foods like leafy green vegetables like broccoli. You can also add carrots and crunchy vegetables to your diet to ensure there is enough saliva to prevent bacteria.

vitamin c
Your teeth are the biggest determinants of whether your smile will attract people or repulse them. You should visit a cosmetic dentist regularly to ensure you get professional advice on how well you can maintain your teeth.

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