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Bags for Male ModelsIt is an indisputable fact that the UK have an incredible reputation the world over for quality and craftsmanship whether that be in car production with the likes of Rolls Royce or Jaguar or in tailoring and shoe making. The British style has been exported the world over thanks to the striking looks of many of their male models. In the service industry some of the best hotels in the world are based there in London’s most lavish districts. But one industry is still seen as a British world class market leader and that dear friends is in the style stakes, whether it be the regal suit tailoring of Savile Row or the envious creativity of the great high street brands, every nation under the sun looks to the UK, no matter if they are looking for creative directors, editors or plain and simple good quality brands whose creations will stand the test of time. One brand that very definitely falls into this category is Chapman. Chapman make bags and pride themselves on the craftsmanship which goes into each and every accessory they produce in their tannery and factory still based in Cumbria. The new Chapman brand identity draws on the company’s origins as a field sports company, deeply rooted in the local Borders community. The new logo features two crossed fishing hooks, a reference to the company’s historical association with the manufacture of fishing bags and accessories. The new branding also features stunning landscape photography of the Borders region in which Chapman is based, focusing on the 2,000 year old monument of Hadrian’s Wall, which runs the whole width of the Borders from coast to coast. Why aren’t more male modelling shoots done in this incredible location?

In fact many of their employees are Cumbrian born and bred. While some have been with the company for much of their working lives, they are also committed to taking on and training young people, an investment essential to maintaining the technical and craft skills required to manufacture successfully in England. This company might be of interest to the male modelling industry, as such items need careful marketing and a strong face to push them into the main stream.

Every Chapman bag is manufactured at the company’s factory in Carlisle, Cumbria, from where products are shipped to clients worldwide. The company uses traditional hand crafted manufacturing techniques; including hand cutting all their bags from original patterns, hand machining and traditional saddlery work. This combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and high quality, natural materials produces a unique finish quite unlike mass produced items. However, it’s not all about tradition and age old techniques, a component of their new website is a new feature offering the ability to design and order a classic Chapman bag online using a wide range of materials and colours, enabling customers to create a bespoke bag to their own specification. The site contains rich and varied content as well as new product photography, including styled and modelled sizing shots of each bag.

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